Fifth-Grader Improves Relationships with Peers and Adults through Tier 3 Supports (05/09)

posted Feb 7, 2011, 8:37 AM by Cheryle Kennelly

Sara, a fifth grade student, accumulated 21 ODRs, two in-school suspensions (ISSs) and two out of school suspensions (OSSs) in her fourth grade year.  She instigated verbal fights with other students and had difficulty with authority figures at school. Sara started Check and Connect (CnC) in January 2008. She was connected with a mentor who helped her learn to manage her anger differently. Sara  participated in instructional groups to learn friendship and coping skills. 

Concurrently with the CnC intervention, Sara received a tier 3/tertiary level wraparound plan facilitated by her school social worker. Over time, Sara felt secure enough with her wraparound team to disclose information about a past experience that warranted intervention. The team immediately connected  her with a community mental health provider.  Following this intervention, Sara’s grades improved dramatically, averaging 60-69% pre-intervention to 80-89% post-intervention. For the third quarter of this school year,  she also reduced her ODRs to one and has not received any ISSs or OSSs. Sara has now become a peer mentor for a kindergarten student in CICO.