Mr. Thompson’s Schedule: 2016-17


Before school help?  I’m here by 7:45 or

earlier if you let me know!


1st Hr.    Rm 126         Loc Duty HS boys

2nd Hr.   Rm 126         Chemistry    

3rd Hr.   Rm. 126        Advisor time

4th Hr.   Rm. 126        IPS


5th Hr. Rm. 126          Prep

6th Hr. Rm. 126          Chemistry

7th Hr. Rm. 126          Chemistry

8th Hr.  Rm. 126          Consumer Chemistry

 After school help until 3:45 or later by appointment.

Welcome to Mr. Thompson's Home Page
This is my 32th year of teaching Science and Math... This year I will have 1 section of IPS and 4 sections of Chemistry.
Students are encouraged to watch and rewatch powerpoints and take notes for the upcoming tests. 

Tips to be successful: 
    - Set aside a time to do homework
    - USE your daily planner
    -ASK for help if needed...I am available before/after school.