Dog Volunteer Training

There are three dog volunteer classes.  The first class for all volunteers is the Green Dog Volunteer Class. You must attend a general orientation session at the Paws and Claws Shelter to be eligible for green dog training.   The second class is the Purple Dog Volunteer Class.  Once you have completed the Purple Dog Volunteer Class you can take the Exercise Dog Volunteer Class.

Green Dog Volunteer Class
Go to the following link to sign up for  Green Dog Volunteer Training.

Purple Dog Volunteer Class
Learn to handle our Purple Level dogs during this class. Volunteers will learn various techniques to handle and walk Purple level dogs in a more controlled manner.  
Go to the following link to sign up for Purple Dog Volunteer Class.
Exercise Dog Volunteer Class
Learn to exercise our shelter dogs with bikes. Perfect for our high energy high drive dogs that need to run! Volunteers will be taught how to properly train a dog to run next to a bike, and will learn various techniques for maintaining control while biking shelter dogs.  (It's easier than you think.)  
Go to the following link to sign up for Exercise Dog Volunteer Class.