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It's Shocking!!!

posted Feb 8, 2012, 10:51 AM by Lettie Weinmann
Our next unit is Electricity & Magnetism.  We will begin with static electricity - or electrostatics.  
First we will build a conceptual understanding of electric charges and how they behave.    
Please read Chapter 32 in the Conceptual Physics (Hewitt) textbook.  I did not assign any of the "Concept Check" questions at the end of the chapter, those questions are just checking to make sure that you know what you have read.  I suggest you use them to check your own understanding of the reading.

The questions assigned for Problem set 21 are questions 23, 24,28,31,32,36,37,38  on pages 660-661.  They require an understanding of the material in the chapter so start with the reading....don't go straight to the questions!

Problem Set 21 is due on Tuesday Feb 14.