Henry M. Gunn High School’s

Small Learning Community

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Program Overview

“A Sense of Place.”

Our small learning community is designed for 24 freshmen and will provide a tightly knit community, integrated curriculum, outdoor adventure, and opportunities to grow as leaders.

All students will share some common classes and teachers.  The content and standards will be the same as our traditional courses; however, in the small learning community program, the teachers and students will work together to explore common themes and demonstrate their knowledge in some cross-curricular projects. In addition to the traditional content, the courses will focus on leadership, character, and team building when possible. 

Students in the Small Learning  Community will be enrolled together in the same English, World History, and Bio 1A classes.  

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In addition, we will offer our students outdoor adventure trips and leadership training.

Our theme is “A Sense of Place,” and in our integrated curriculum, students will explore their place in history and in the local and global community.  Our small learning community will also provide ninth graders with a sense of place at Gunn, as they transition from the middle to the high school.