Welcome to the sixth grade Mr. Clarke style!

Welcome to 6th Grade at Greene Middle School! If you love a good story (and who doesn't?), you will enjoy your year in 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies. From the tales of ancient civilizations unearthed by archaeologists to the imaginative worlds created by the renowned authors of our core literature, you will learn many wonderful stories.

Together, we will learn the tools and techniques of good story tellers and how to use these methods in writing our own stories. You will also have the opportunity to share great stories you discover in your outside reading. A story can be a window to a different world, but it can also be a mirror that reflects back on our own world, casting light where the author sees fit. With an open mind and a keen sense of discovery, you are ready to embark on a year filled with great stories.

 Social Studies Language Arts
(Modern and Ancient)

What makes a civilization?
  • Ancient Mesopotamia 
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Israelis 
  • Ancient India 
  • Ancient/Medieval China 
  • Ancient Greece 
Students are expected to independently read one book per week across a variety of different genres and keep a record of books completed

  • Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
  • D'Aullaires' Greek Myths
  • Informational Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Argument Essay
  • Persuasive Speech