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Greene Science Night

Science Fair + Science Expo = Greene Science Night!!!
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
7:00-8:30pm in the MPR

Greene's annual Science Fair & Expo is an enriching and fun event for the entire family with science project presentations from Jordan students (the Fair) and hands-on exhibits from local scientists and science organizations (the Expo). Details about the Expo will be updated soon.  

The Science Fair is a non-competitive celebration of science where students present their projects in poster form and discuss their work with volunteer evaluators.  Participants receive verbal and written feedback from their evaluators, a certificate of participation and a ticket to a drawing for raffle prizes.

This wonderful event is made possible through the support of Greene parents, science teachers, students, the Greene PTA, and the Synopsys Outreach Foundation, along with local scientists and science organizations.

Why participate?

Why science?  Why participate?  If you have these questions, this video from the California State Science Fair may help you find some answers.

Our Science Fair isn't nearly as big or glitzy, but if you allow yourself to delve deep into a question that YOU are curious about, and you persevere through problems that will arise, the end result might be a great experience that makes you glad you did it!

Who knows?  Maybe you'll be motivated to join a competitive science fair like the Synopsys Championship (for students in Santa Clara County) and maybe you'll move on to the Cal State Science Fair as these students did.