Welcome to the English department's website. Here you will find links to helpful resources as well as information on each grade level's curriculum.

English/Language Arts staff: 
Writing Workshop, ALD, and ELL: Jedd Bloom (Coordinator), Kara Smith, Christina Owen
6th grade: Franco Asmaeil, Erin Chan, Keith Clarke, Bryson Peckenpaugh, Kevin Rouse, Brooke Tassa
7th grade: Craig Bark, Kara Smith, Hart Walsh (Instructional Lead)
8th grade: Christina Owen, Jaime Veitch, Kelly Zalatimo 

Our Vision:
The Greene English department strives to prepare students for an increasingly diverse and competitive global community. This community calls for citizens who can communicate effectively, respectfully, and powerfully. While reading and writing skills reach beyond the subject of English, the literature and nonfiction selections we provide through our curriculum, along with many writing opportunities, offer a rich ground for students to grow and develop as critical thinkers, capable of embracing multiple perspectives. Literature teaches us the virtues and flaws of human experience and invites us into philosophical, moral, and artistic inquiries, providing students real and fictitious complexities with which to engage. Greene students will be prepared to actively participate in their communities, to contribute as problem-solvers, innovators and collaborators, and to meet, with empathy, the challenges of our times.

ELA Core Beliefs and Practices:

1. Students will have frequent opportunities to write for different audiences, purposes, and in different settings, from timed to multi-draft pieces.

2. Students will receive instruction in close reading strategies to help them become stronger readers and writers.

3. Students benefit from choice in independent reading and writing assignments.

4. Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process; thus, revision and improvement of first draft pieces is encouraged and applauded.

5. Students benefit from reading texts with a diversity of viewpoints and author backgrounds.

6. In preparation for high school, students will learn to use MLA (Modern Language Association) style for their formal writing assignments.