Meet our staff!

               Nicole Menache
               A & E period

Kristen Owen

                 B & C period

             Laurie Pennington
               D period



               Brian Miguel
               G period


                 Tarn Wilson
                 F period


This is Nicole Menache's fifth year teaching FOS, and has been teaching English for sixteen years.  She has a Bachelor's degree in English, a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education, a minor in Communication, and a Masters in Education Administration.  She loves working individually with students and watching them find their true passions.

Kristen has been teaching English for 14 years and teaching FOS for 5 years. She studied at UC Davis and earned a B.S. in Human Development before continuing her education at Cal Poly, where she earned her teaching credential in Language Arts. She is excited to work with students on an individual basis and to get to know them as people, not just students. This is her first year as the FOS Coordinator.

Laurie Pennington is a science co-teacher and the I.S. of the science department. This is her first year teaching Focus and she's really looking forward to working with FOS students.  Laurie is a Bay Area native. She attended Terra Nova High School, got her A.B. at UC Davis, earned her teaching credential at CSU Sacramento, taught in Hayward while living in Berkeley and then Oakland, and originally landed at Gunn in 1993. She then taught 10 years at Paly and came back to Gunn in 2007. Laurie loves co-teaching and participating in the Choir-Staff Musical every year, and enjoys spending time with her family, attending sporting events, and traveling. 

Brian Miguel is a tenured teacher in the Social Studies department. This is his second year teaching Focus on Success.

Tarn Wilson was been a teacher/coordinator in FOS for fifteen years.  She stepped down from the coordination role two years ago to become a BSTA coach, mentoring new teachers. She has a degree in English with a minor in biology.  She earned her Masters in Education from Stanford University and her MFA in creative writing from the Rainier Writing Workshop - and published her memoir in 2014.  She loves the opportunity to watch students discover their own potential.