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Student and Guardian Contract 

I understand that Focus on Success is an elective course designed to support me in my other classes by providing study skills and life lessons, time to do homework, and tutoring services. In order to stay in the course, I agree to:

Be honest with myself, my Focus on Success teacher, my other teachers, and my parents/guardians about my academic progress and standing. 

Participate willingly in all activities.

Be focused and work independently during the homework time. Do my most important or challenging work first. 

Set goals and make progress toward achieving them.

Ask for help when I need it.

Accept responsibility for myself and my actions.

Support other class members in achieving their goals by being positive and encouraging and not distracting them. 

Be on time and attend regularly. 

If I have one unexcused absence, I will be put on contract and my parent/guardian, my counselor, and the assistant principal will be notified. 

If I have a second unexcused absence, I may be dropped from the course. 

I understand the Focus on Success is a special, elective program and that student may choose to drop at anytime; teachers may also drop a student at any time. 

Tarn Wilson,
Aug 14, 2011, 7:11 PM