Week of Nov. 6


Congratulations to our boys and girls teams, both of which qualified for CCS!!!

Congratulations to our SCVAL medal winners:

JVG: Amy, Maddie, Izy, Safa

FSB: Mateo

VG: Joyce, Abby, Maansey, Sophie, Emma

VB: Justin


And HUGE congrats to the VG SCVAL Champ: Joyce Shea!!


As the season comes to a close, I hope you all can take a look at how far you have come since the start of the season, especially given our youthful team, colds and flus, the air quality, and others obstacles that all made training and competing more challenging than usual. 


We had many, many PR’s at Crystal Springs and the City Champ meet despite conditions that were still less than ideal…And lots of PR’s at the mile time trial on Friday.  And, while there is no guarantee that persistence and hard work leads to success; the odds clearly go up substantially.  Just ask Alexander Wang (or just let him tell you J) who trained consistently over the last year and went from one of the slowest boys on the team to a CCS alternate.  Talent is no substitute for hard work.  And many of you worked very hard.


And for those of you who might not love the competition or long runs or hard workouts or gutbusters, hopefully you found XC a good place to get some exercise, clear your head, learn a few new things, and/or meet some new friends. 


Thanks to all of you who hosted pasta feeds and a special thanks to Sue Johnson who hosted twice and was a team trip chaperone.


Thanks to our great team captains who made this season more fun, colorful and organized: Colin, Edouard, Emma, Tjasa, Jolie, Amy, Alana, and Shristi with a special shout out to our lead captains, Abby and Alli!!


But the season is NOT over!!  CCS is this Saturday!! All are welcome to join the workouts (mandatory for the CCS group) and don’t forget to return your uniforms.

Monday 3:15 Light Workout

Tuesday 3:15 Easy run + return Uniforms to Coach Daner

Wednesday 3:15 Light Workout + return Uniforms to Coach Daner.

Thursday 3:15 light run

Friday No School

Saturday CCS Finals at Toro Park, Salinas, 2:40 and 3:15

Tuesday, Nov. 14 Fall Sports Awards


And, of course, I need to make one (or two) more requests for the Athletic Participation Contribution.  We finally cracked 50% but that is way down from years past so please do your part if you haven’t done so already.  I will be at school this week to collect any checks or you can make your donation at


Thank you again,

Coach PattiSue Plumer and the entire cross country staff

Curtis Liang, Sky Sun, Steve Ames, and Hal Daner


“If you have the courage to fail, then you have the courage to succeed.” Shalane Flanagan








Week of Oct. 30 LEAGUE CHAMPS!!


After weeks and weeks of training and hard work we have come to the most exciting part of the season, our SCVAL League Championships.  We are excited to see how fast you can conquer this course and the weather, at long last, looks to be cooperating. With that in mind, do what you can to stay healthy!!  Wash your hands, get good sleep, and wait to eat your Halloween candy until after the race. Too many of you have been getting sick and we want you to be as healthy as possible on Tuesday!!


12:05: Buses Depart. Please do not be late!! We don’t want to get caught up in lunch traffic.

1:15: Coach/Athlete Meeting/Volunteer Meeting

1:45 JVG (all freshman, sophomore and junior girls not running varsity)

2:30 FSB (all freshman and sophomore boys not running in varsity).  Due to the large numbers this race will be run in two waves 1 minute apart. 

3:15 Varsity girls (Top 7 plus all other senior girls). Two waves, 1 minute apart.

4:00 Varsity boys (Top 7 boys plus all other jr. and sr. boys). Two waves, 1 minute apart.


Don’t forget, you must wear your Gunn issued uniform (top and bottoms).  Compression shorts, tights, and/or shirts can be worn under your uniform.

Speaking of what to wear, leave the costumes at home; you have enough to things to remember to bring!!! We should be back in time for some trick or treating if you are so inclined :-)) ..... and of course, we plan on handing lots of candy out on Wednesday!!!


A few more details…..

Buses will leave at 12:05 that means that you will be excused from E (in addition to A and G). However, I urge you to talk to your teachers about staying in class until 12:00 if you think this would be helpful to you.  Most will allow you to do so, but some don’t like the disruption so be sure to clear it with them first.


Providing own transportation?? Parking will be very difficult.  If you providing your own transportation, please allow for lots of time to find parking.  There will be about 1500 athletes competing along with coaches and officials.  No double parking is allowed or you risk $100+++ fee.  Either way, email me if you will not be riding the bus.


Spectator Entrance Fee is charged (and mandated) by SCVAL.  It is $6 for adults/$3 for students/children free.  Cash only. (but if you volunteer, you get in for free)

Speaking of money, we are still missing APD from about 50% of our team; better than a couple of weeks ago, but not nearly the 100% we are hoping for.  The requested contribution is $200 but any amount from whether its $20 or $2000.  Bring a check to practice made out to Gunn Athletics or online at  Feel free to contact Coach PattiSue at if you have any questions, concerns or want to discuss other options.  


Parent Volunteers desperately needed.  We need at least 4 volunteers to help at the finish line. It’s an easy job and you don’t need to work your child’s race.  And you get in for free!


What happens next?

Wednesday is our last official practice for the whole team.  If (when J) both of our teams qualify for CCS finals, the top 10-12 boys and 10-12 girls from all divisions will be invited to stay on the roster through CCS finals.  In other words, if someone runs a really fast time in the non-varsity race, he or she will be invited to train for the varsity race at CCS.  Those athletes will still get a PE prep if needed.


Athletes who are not in this group, but who would like to continue to train are welcome to do so, but will not be able to get a prep. 


Mile Time Trial and Fun Friday!!  On Friday, Nov. you will have an opportunity to do an end of season mile time trial to see if you can PR!!  After that, there will be a special birthday addition of fun Friday with Coach Sky, who will be celebrating his 21st!!


But before we get to that, we have one more phenomenal Pasta Feed.  The week the party will be hosted by Emma and Justin’s family.  Their address is 806 Los Robles.  6:00 to 8:00 (new time).  

Remember to wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough.  And if you aren’t feeling well, stay home and rest J

Week of 10/23

Great job last week.  Everyone did so well under less than ideal conditions.  And Thursday the team had one of the best workouts ever!!  

Another Hot Week!! Stay well hydrated.


Regular Practice at 2:55 pm

Regular Practice at 4:00

Pasta Feed hosted by Kiran's Family.  Will be held at the Eichler swim center in Palo Alto.  3539 Louis Road PA.  Special Time: 6-8PM


City Champs and Senior Recognition

Tentative Schedule:

Senior Recognition at 3:30 

JVG 3:45

FSB 4:10

VG 4:35

VB 5:00

Thursday: Regular Practice at 3:55

Friday: Regular Schedule at 3:55

Coming up:  SCVAL League Championships!!!  Tuesday Oct. 31 at Crystal Springs. Bus departure is at 12:00, JVG 1:45, FSB 2:30, VG 3:15, VB 4:00.  All Compete!!

Thanks to the Huang's for hosting the pasta feed. 

Week of 10/16

Wow, what a week.  And as difficult as it has been for us, it pales in comparison to what those in the north bay have been facing. Hopefully this week will be less eventful and our hopes and prayers are with those in the fire zone and hope that they can begin the difficult task of rebuilding.

Congrats to those of you who got out of the dirty air and went on the trip to beautiful Auburn.  Our team rocked, with a special shout out to the JVG who scored a perfect 15 points!! Lots of medals and memories were had by all.  And a special gold medal in largest ice cream ever goes to Evan (now we understand why Curtis wanted to go to Fentons). Huge PROPS to our team captains who put together this trip and thanks to Mrs. Johnson for being a great chaperone.  So proud of you all!!!

Reminder: Please bring your APD check to practice.  We are still under 50% participation.  We really really appreciate it. $200 is the requested amount, but any amount is appreciated. Please make the check out to Gunn Athletics.

Monday: Practice and Pasta Feed
Practice is at 2:55
Pasta Feed is at Colin Huang’s House, 568 Irven Court. 

Tuesday: SCVAL #3 at the Baylands . Results can be found at
This is our last league meet before SCVAL Championships.  The meet is expected to go off as scheduled.  Air quality is expected to be no worse than usual (which is not to say that it will be perfect, but rather normal).  
Meet Schedule 
3:15PM Varsity Boys (max 7: Justin, Colin, Noah, Edouard, Patrick, Ben, Nathan) 
3:40PM Varsity Girls (max 7: Abby, Alli, Sophie, Maansey, Emma, Amy, Natalie) 
4:10PM Varsity B Boys (All Junior and Senior Boys not running VB) 
4:40PM Varsity B Girls (All girls not running in VG) 
5:15PM Frosh/Soph Boys (All Frosh/Soph Boys not running varsity)
Bus will leave at 1:45 for the meet, and it will be leave the Baylands at about 6:00pm.  If you need to run in a different race, please let me know.  I will TRY to sdjust but no promises.
As usual, if you are providing your own transportation please let me know by email!!

Wednesday-Friday: Regular Practice Time.


Coming up…last two meets in which EVERYONE competes:

City Champs on Weds. Oct. 25 after school.

League Champs at Crystal Springs on Tuesday Oct. 31.  Bus departs at 12:00

As Always, let me know if you have any questions or comments,

Coach PattiSue

Believe you can and you’re halfway there -Theodore Roosevelt


Week of 10/9 and other updates

Reminder: Please make your Athletic Participation Donation.  Checks should be made out to Gunn Athletics. Thanks!!

Crystal Springs Wrap-up

Congrats again to all of you who competed at Crystal Springs on Tuesday.  It’s a really tough course and you all should be proud of yourselves. Special shout outs to our Freshmen boys who won…again!  And if I had done a bit better job with the lineup our Soph boys would have won as well.   That said, they still finished a strong 2nd overall.  And last but not least, congrats to Joyce who won the varsity girls race with in a great time of 18:12, which was also a PR by more than a minute. 

Moonlight Run

Several athletes competed in the Moonlight run on Friday night.  Justin Chaio was 5th overall and won his age group in the 10K, and Chris Laio and Ryan Wang finished 5 and 7th overall and went 1-2 in their age group.  Congrats to all who competed. 

League Champ Shirts

Reminder to order League Champ shirts.  If enough people sign up, we get to put our 

roster on the back.

League Meet Tuesday 10/17

Next league meet is Tuesday Oct. 17 at the Sunnyvale Baylands. Reminder all athletes are expected to compete. 

Schedule Change!!!

City Champs will now be Weds. Oct. 25, instead of Thursday.  This shouldn’t really impact anyone since the meet is held during practice times at Gunn but we know a lot of parents like to attend this one so we want to make sure you know the right date. 

Thanks to the Johnsons for hosting ANOTHER great pasta feed.

WEEK OF 10/9

(another “alternate bell schedule week” which means practice starts at 3:15.)

Monday: Team Pic Day.  

Our team time slot is 3:30.  Please come dressed in your team gear or red or black. You will be able to order individual pictures at that time. 

We will have our team meeting at 3:15 and begin our workout immediately after pictures. 

Tuesday: 3:15 practice time

Wednesday: TBD

If Monday and Tuesday practices are as good as last week, we might just have the day off….

Thursday/Friday: 3:15 practice time


Week of Oct. 2 

Remember Alternate Bell Schedule this Week. Practice is at 3:15 every day. 

Monday: Pasta Feed

The pasta feed returns to Chase Johnson's house on Aric drive. Thanks to the Johnson's for hosting once again. 6:30 to 8:30pm.  More details can be found on the team facebook page. 

Tuesday: Off to Crystal Springs...woohoo!!

On Tuesday we head to the (in)famous Crystal Springs Cross Country Course for our 2nd SCVAL League Meet.  

The tentative roster is being sent via email. Parents, please note if you are driving to the course, allow for plenty of time for parking and walking to the course.  If you are picking up, students are NOT allowed to walk out and look for you. It is against course rules which are actively enforced.  Plus, you should come see the course; it's pretty amazing to see where your kids are running. Buses leave at 1:30 and the last race is at 5:20. Address for the course is 2600 Hallmark Ave, Belmont. 

3:15 Boys Reserve (aka JVB)

3:40 Frosh Boys (max 10)

4:05 VG2 (aka JVG)

4:35 Soph Boys (max 10)

5:00 VB (max 10)

5:20 VG (max 10)

Wednesday/Thursday: Regular Practice

Friday: No School; Practice Time TBD

Saturday: Reminder HMB Invite Canceled

Congrats to those who competed at the Ram Invite!!

Despite a number of late scratches due to illness and other unknown reasons, our Frosh boys finished 13th overall and the FS girls finished 6th. Special shout out to our medalists: Abby (JVG 2), Alli (JVG 3), Emma (JVG 4), Alana (JVG 6), Sophie (FSG 2), Safa (FSG 12th), Colin (JVB 3), Noah JVB 9) and winner of the JVB race, Justin.

Week of 9/25 First League Meet!!

Monday: Pasta Feed

Pasta Feed at Coach PattiSue's house from 6:30-8:30.  Address is 177 Yerba Buena Ave Los Altos.  Assignments are posted on the FB page.  If you are not sure, bring pasta. 

Tuesday: League Meet at Central Park

At long last we will compete at our first league meet. This meet will take place at Central Park in Santa Clara. All students compete!!!! Students unable to run due to an injury, are still expected to attend and cheer on their teammates and help the coaches and captains. 

Students will be dismissed at lunch; the buses will leave at 1:45. If you are providing your own transportation, please email Coach PattiSue at Make sure to allow for traffic and plan to be there at least 1 hour before your race. 

The schedule is as follows:

Freshman Boys 3:15, Varsity Boys 3:40, Varsity Girls  4:00, Sophomore Boys 4:20, Varsity Boys 2 4:40, JV Girls 5:05, Varsity Girls 2 5:30.

The buses are expected to depart from the race site at 6:15.  

Roster is posted at Gunn and via emails.  Note: if you are a FS boy and wish to compete in Varsity Boys 2, let me know and we may be able to make that adjustment.

Wednesday: Ram Entries Due

On Saturday we have our last weekend invitational (not including team trip). We would like all athletes to compete in this meet, especially if you haven't had an opportunity to compete at an earlier meet. This is the deadline for coaches to enter individual athletes in this meet. 

Thursday/Friday: Regular practice. 

Saturday: Ram Invitational

This meet takes place at Westmoor High School in Daly City.   The bus will leave Gunn at approximately 8am (exact time TBD) and will depart Westmoor at approximately 2:00pm.  All athletes are strongly encouraged to attend. This meet is a lot of fun, has lots of medals and is typically cool with great ocean views. Sign-ups will take place at practice or send Coach PattiSue an email. 

What else did we do last week: a couple of really hard workouts, played with marbles and baby hurdles, worked on hill running and swinging from the shoulders. 

PE self-evaluations:  You may turn those in to Coach PattiSue, completely filled out, after Tuesday.  She will return all of them on Monday, Oct. 2.  She will not return them before then. 

Week of 9/18

Hey Everyone,

We have a relatively quiet week coming up.  No meets or invites this week so we can catch our breath and get back to training.  (I'm sure you are all super excited about that!!)


Gunn has a regular bell schedule this week.  As usual, we will meet 20 minutes after the end of school and practices are scheduled to last no longer than 2 hours.  

Mon 2:55, Tues, 4:00, Weds 3:15, Thurs 3:55, Fri 3:55 and optional Saturday run at 9:00am.


Joyce Shea was named Athlete of the Week by Palo Alto News based on her performance at the Lowell Invitational.  Congrats to her.

SCVAL LEAGUE Meet on 9/26 (early reminder) 

Our next meet is Tuesday Sept. 26 at Santa Clara's Central Park.  All team members will compete.  Yes, you will miss some class time. This is why we remind you often to meet with your teachers ahead of time.  Since you are a member of a Gunn team, they should be supportive, but only if you let them know ahead of time. And Yes, you will be excused from all afternoon classes.  

If you are unable to compete due to injury, you are still expected to attend as a member of the team.  You can help the coaches, captains, and cheer for your teammates!!  

The bus will leave Gunn at 1:45 and should depart the race at approximately 6:15. Please let us know in writing if you will be providing your own transportation.  If you are planning to provide your own transportation, please plan to arrive at least 60 minutes before your race.

The race schedule is as follows (we have some flexibility in which race you can run in). 

SCVAL #1 at Santa Clara Central Park Freshman Boys 3:15, Varsity Boys (8) 3:40, Varsity Girls (8) 4:00, Sophomore Boys 4:20, Varsity Boys 2 4:40, JV Girls (10) 5:05, Varsity Girls 2 5:30

Also Coming Up (check out the attached schedule for more info)

Ram’s Invitational at Westmont High School 9/30, Team Trip 10/13-14 (watch for more info later this week!!)

What Else Did We Do Last Week?

Super hard track workout, learned what intervals are, potato chip running, marble games, and fun facts (we have some, um, interesting athletes). 


Congrats to all those who competed at the Early Bird Invitational at Toro Park.  Everyone one did so well.  Our freshman girls, led by Izy and Safa, kicked off the day with a strong showing on the tough 3 mile course, (as one runner said, now I know why we run Viscaino).  Elijah and Mateo both finished in the top 20 in the freshman boys race (there were over 400 runners). The Sophomore girls, led by Maansey, finished 3rd as a team!!  Justin Chiao earned a medal with a 5th place finish (out of 300 runners) to lead a strong sophomore boy’s team. Noah led the junior boys fearsome foursome. Joyce Shea finished 2nd in the very fast senior girls race (and 2nd overall) and our senior girls finished 3rd as a team.  We thought you might enjoy this wrap up regarding the senior girls race:

The senior girls had the biggest names on tap and had the most festive race as the DJ had spectators dancing while the four-year runners made their last Earlybird tour. We knew Mari Friedman (17:57-Santa Cruz) was fit after her mind-boggling 17:41 first race effort at Toro last week. She pulled away easily in this one and ran away from an elite field to win by 19 seconds. Two sub 18:00 efforts in back to back weeks sets the CCS 800 meter champ up nicely for her senior campaign. Joyce Shea (Gunn-18:16 upset some bigger names to snag a coveted runner-up spot here. Kaylah Grant (18:20-Live Oak) indeed held on for a fast time and sets her 2017 season nicely. Marea Zlatunich (18:23-Aptos) came in with the best credentials and can’t be too disappointed with her nice showing for her first real test. Watch for her later in the season. The senior girls were not going to be denied and blew everyone away with 13 girls under 20:00! All in all, 38 girls under 20:00 is not too shabby for an early season meet! The ladies came to run today! The senior girls also got sick of team blow-outs and made it a rare result with 3 teams separated by 2 points! Whitney (72 pts.) traveled far and was rewarded winning a 1-point decision over (Santa Cruz 73 pts.) and a 2-point win over Gunn (74 pts.). A great team battle indeed.

Complete Results can be found at 

Week of 9/11

Congrats to those who competed at Lowell!!

Our group was small but mighty. The FSG finished 4th out of 22 teams, with Maansey earning a top 10 medal for her efforts. The "sophomore" boys finished 6th out of 19th despite having having 3 Freshman in our top 5. Noah finished 7th out of 255 runners in the NVB boys race, and the varsity girls finished 5th  our of 21 teams, with Joyce leading the way with her 2nd place finish, and Sophie earning a medal as well. Congrats to everyone who competed!!  It was very exciting to see so many great efforts and great team spirit!

All results can be found at

Practice Times:

This week Gunn is returning to its regular Bell Schedule.  Practice starts 20 minutes after the end of classes.  

Early Bird Invitational, Saturday 9/16:

Our next meet is the Early Bird Invitational at Toro Park in Salinas.  This is the same site as the CCS Championships.  The exact timing is TBD (depends on the # of entrees), but the first race will likely be around 10:00 and the last race 12:30.  Transportation will be provided. 

Team Trip:  

Gunn XC will be going to Forest Hills on Oct. 13-14!! Team trips are known for great racing, great activities, and even greater Talent Shows!! We have space for about 28 athletes. Parents, if you are interested in driving, please let Coach PattiSue know.  Exact details TBD but the group will likely leave mid-morning on Friday and return late Saturday night. 

Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park.  Be at Gunn at 7:30 for a 7:45 departure.  

Should be great conditions.  Remember to bring snack, drinks and lunch.  Towel, blanket, and pillow are all recommended. 

REMINDER: LABOR DAY PRACTICE is at 5:00pm.  It should be cooler, yay!  

Results from scrimmage coming soon.

Lowell entries due MONDAY.  Please confirm interest. 

Week of 8/28: It's going to be a hot week so hydrate well!

Thanks to all who came to the shoe day and/or parent night.  We had an amazing turnout and we are very grateful that you took time from your busy lives to come out and learn a little (or a lot) more about Gunn XC.

Tuesday: Shoe Day and Parent Night.

Parents please make every effort to attend our parent meeting.  We have over 100 athletes on our team and its much easier to share this information with everyone at once rather than answer 100 emails.  It's a good opportunity to ask questions, meet other parents, meet the coaches, learn what your student-athlete is doing for 2 hours a day.  

Also, A Runner's Mind will be bringing shoes, socks, and rollers and parents if you come a few minutes early, you can get the 15% off as well. 

Wednesday: Pasta Feed  

Thank you to Chase Johnson's Family for hosting. Their address is 26521 Aric Lane, LAH.  More info on the Gunn Cross Country FB page. Hi

Thursday: Scrimmage with Paly, SFHS, Kehillah and Harker.  

The race starts on the field and goes through Bol park before looping back onto the track.  The course is approximately 2.2 miles. Hot weather may slow things down a bit but we will still race. The races times are as follows:

4:00 Freshman Boys/4:02 Freshman Girls 

4:25 Sophmore Boys/4:27 Sophomore Girls

4:50 Junior Boys

5:10 Senior Boys/5:12 Junior and Senior Girls + anyone who missed their race + any open athletes (parents feel free to jump in)

Friday: Minimum Day Morning Practice and Brunch

Gunn XC has a long tradition of holding morning practices on minimum days.  To reward the early morning warriors, we provide a delicious brunch immediately following the workout.  Only those that actually run are allowed to partake but participation in this fun tradition is traditionally very high!  We will meet at approximately 7:10 for a 45 minute run with brunch being served at 8:00.  

Continue to get those physicals in!


Saturday run is meeting at Terman. 

Season Kick off Potluck this evening at Julia's house:

4160 Manuela Road, PA

Two IMPORTANT updates:

1) SHOE DAY is coming to Gunn!! 

On Tuesday 8/29 A Runner's Mind is coming to Gunn during XC practice (and the parent meeting) so you can try on shoes at school. Plus, you will get 15% off.  Student's can pay for them onsite or an invoice will be generated so that parents can pay that night at the parent meeting. If you can't wait that long, A Runner's Mind is offering the 15% off between now and then.  

Running is a very low-tech sport, but getting the right training shoe is incredibly important.  90% of our injuries stem from improper footwear. A coach cannot recommend the right shoe*; there are literally 100's of running shoes on the market. Do you pronate or supinate; high arch or flat footed, wide last or narrow last?  These are just some of the questions that must be answered before finding the right shoe for you.  We BEG, PLEAD, URGE, and, in fact, even arrange SHOE DAYS during practice so that you will buy these important training and health products from a reputable and knowledgeable source (not amazon, big5, footlocker, sports basement, etc). Buy whatever else you want at these stores (shorts, sweats, rollers, socks, etc, etc) but just not the shoes.

A word about RACING SHOES.  Racing shoes are different than training shoes.  They are light weight and flexible which is great for racing but not for training (with the exception of our track/quality workouts). They tend to be less expensive and can often be used in track if you do distance (sprinters will need spikes). Most athletes will race faster in racing shoes.  The difference is usually about 10-30 seconds per mile. If you are a novice and haven't broken 6:30 for the mile, they probably won't make too much of a difference, but they will for everyone else.  

If finances are an issue, please contact coachpattisue ( and we will work something out. 

*one shoe we DO NOT RECOMMEND for training is the Nike Free...unless you have strong feet, are light weight and want to replace them monthly. 

2) SATURDAY RUN on 8/26 will meet at Terman due to the SAT being administered at Gunn. Start time remains 9:00am and is optional but all are encouraged to attend. 



Week #1 is in the books and it was a good one.  So many new faces and great enthusiasm.  And if you have friends that are still thinking about joining, make sure it is not too late. 

But despite our large numbers and enthusiasm, all is not perfect. 

First off, any of you have not REGISTERED (, and/or turned in your physical forms.  Please do so ASAP.  Please note that many doctors will fill out the forms needed without requiring you to come in for a physical at the same time, often completely them electronically so be sure to look into this option.  Technically you are not allowed to work out with the team if these forms are not filled out. 

Second, many of you are running in old, broken down or unsuitable shoes.  Improper training shoes are the #1 reason for injuries.  Let me say that again, improper training shoes are the #1 reason for injuries. If your shoes are more than 3 months old, if they have holes in them, if the tread is worn flat, if you bought them on sale bed bath and beyond, if they are Nike Frees and you don't plan on replacing them monthly, if you bought them online from Amazon, then you need new shoes.  We are extremely fortunate to have several good running stores in our area, all of which will give you a discount if you tell them you run for Gunn.  There are literally 100's of shoes on the market and most shoes are not right for you!!!!  They will put you in the right shoe for you and if they are wrong, they will replace them at no cost to you. Let me know if you have more questions on this subject. 

A Runner's Mind

378 Main St, Los Altos, CA 94022

Phone: (650) 209-5526

Fleet Feet

859 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: (650) 325-9432

Zombie Runner (more limited selection, focusing more on long distance and trail running)

429 California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Phone: (650) 325-2048

Last Week Wrap Up!

Parents, wondering what we did last week?  We focused on easy long runs, learned basic stretching and core routines, and watched some Youtube races to demonstrate good form and maybe a little inspiration. 

Coming up...

Aug. 29 Parent XC Meeting at 7:00pm in the PE classroom.  VERY IMPORTANT.

Aug. 31 Scrimmage with Paly, SFHS and Kehillah and Community run (open to all, including parents and alumni) immediately following the last race. 

Updated schedule posted below.  

Let me know if you have any questions!

Welcome to Gunn Cross Country 2017

We are looking forward to another great season and can't wait to get started.  

Official practice starts on AUG. 14.  We practice Monday through Friday, and meet 20 minutes after the end of school under the trees just outside the track. Practice is scheduled to last 2 hours but we try to get you out of there earlier whenever possible. We also offer an optional practice on Saturday mornings at 9:00am (for that run we meet outside the Bow Gym next to the benches). 

This week we will have optional preseason runs on Monday, Aug. 7 and Weds. Aug. 9 at 6:00pm and Saturday at 9:00am. 

In the meantime make sure you have registered on the Gunn PAUSD website and get your physical if you haven't done so already.  Physicals last 365 days so if you got one last summer or anytime last fall you need a new one!!!  Don't put if off. You can't join the team without one.

The draft schedule is posted below.  Make sure that you look at the 2017 schedule, not the 2016.  Also, please note that this is just a draft. Not all information is confirmed at this time.  However, the league meets are very likely to remain unchanged.

For more info check out the Gunn Cross Country 2017 Facebook page.

Questions?  Contact

See you soon!!!  

Track and Field 2017 Wrap Up

Wow.  Another season is in the books!  Congrats to all who competed and helped make it another great year.  

If you haven't done so, it isn't too late to make your track contribution to the track and field fund.  Thanks to those of you who have already done so or plan to do so.

Special Congrats goes to Margaret Redfield who is a STATE MEET FINALIST in the High Jump.  MIT is very fortunate to have you, and the Gunn team will miss you greatly. 

Congratulations also go out our CCS Finalists, all of whom medaled at this very prestigious meet:

Margaret Redfield, 4th in 5'5" , the new Gunn SCHOOL RECORD

Tommy Boguss, 6th in HJ

Joyce Shea, 6th in 3200 in a new PR of 11:07, #9 all-time at Gunn.   

Record Boards:

We had several other additions to the record board:

Jeff school record 6’9” HJ, Ariana  #2 JVG HJ 4’10", Anjelica #3 JVG 200 27.57, Sophie #3 JVG 3200 11:56 and #10 JVG 1600 5:40.47, Emma C JVG#8 800 2:32.87, Mikaela #10 JVG 300H 50.59.  (Tjasa #10 on old board for JVG #800 2:34.12 but new board that will be #11).  

Please let Coach PattiSue know if we missed anyone.

Summer Conditioning:

For those of you who want to maintain or improve your conditioning over the summer, the following coaches will be holding non-mandatory, optional conditioning sessions.  For more info contact Coach PattiSue or any of the coaches listed below.

  • Coach PattiSue (XC and mid-distance) Mon/Wed 6-7:30pm and Sat at 9:00 am.  Training programs for those not able to attend will be provided upon request.  Starts June 12. 
  • Coach Curtis (sprints) Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday at 6:00pm.  Starts June 5
  • Coach Rodney (throws, strength and conditioning) Mon-Thurs, 5:00-6:30.  Starts June 5
  • Coach Jordan (jumps) Tu/Th 10-11:30 am.  Starts July 4. 

Cross Country

If you want to get on the Fall cross country mailing list, send an email to More XC info will be posted soon. 

Great Track Meet at Stanford on the evening of June 29.  Don't Miss it!!

Want a little more track and field before moving onto cross country?  Come to the Track Town USA elite meet at Stanford on June 29.  See Rio Olympians, national champions and more.  We have access to a limited number of free tickets OR even better you can race in the meet yourself either in the open section, a 4x400 or 8x400 relay.  All are encouraged (parents you are welcome to enter as well).  Contact Coach PattiSue or for more info. 

If you are over 15 you can signup to volunteer as well.  

Hope to see lots of you there.  It will be a great meet and will allow and encourage on field access.  Get upclose and personal with track stars of today and the future.

Week of 5/15

Happy Mother's Day!

SCVAL Results

Congrats to all of those who competed in the cold and windy conditions at the SCVAL Championships.  We did not have a huge contingent, but it was mighty.  Congrats to our SCVAL Champions:  

Joyce, 3200

Andy, Shot put

Margaret, HJ

Tommy, HJ

In addition, Jared was second in both the shot and discus (not bad for a 10th grader who started throwing 2 months ago!), and Malia, another novice, qualified in the long jump. 

Clay continued his PR streak in the 800.  Daphne, Claire, Andy, Jared, Elizabeth, Julia, and Natalie all had PR's as well.  Plus, our relay teams all had season bests, with the girls 4x1 missing CCS by the narrowest of margins.  Congrats to all who competed, and I apologize if I forgot anyone. 

CCS is Saturday at Gilroy.  We would love it if you could come down to support our athletes.  It's a beautiful facility and a great meet to watch.  

More information and results can be found at

Spring Sports Awards Monday 5/15 at 7:00pm

Come and support track and other spring sports at the annual spring sports awards.  I hear that cookies and punch will be provided :-))

And I am making on last plea.....please make your track contribution if you have not done so.  It is definitely not too late!! Send a check with your student  or do it online at

Week of 5/8: 

Updated SCVAL News:

Congrats again for those qualifying for SCVAL's.  This is a very high level meet and qualifying is testament to you and your hard work. 

Attached is the SCVAL Program for those who are interested.
Note that if you are still on the alternate list, you could still be scratched in any time up to the start of the event.  This is especially true in second half events.  Every year we have had athletes get in at the meet itself. 

It is forecast to be cool and windy with a high of 64 and a low of 45.  Dress warm and consider bringing blankets. 

The meet schedule is below.  Please allow at least 75 minutes of travel time to get to Los Gatos on a Friday evening whether you are coming as a spectator or a participant. Last year it took longer due to an accident on HWY 17. You are highly encouraged to carpool.  Parking will also be challenging due to construction.  If you need help with transportation, please let me or your event coach know. 
Students, make sure you wear some Gunn gear if you want to avoid paying an entrance fee. Parents are required to pay an entrance unless they are volunteering at the meet.  If there any parents that would like to do so, let me know.  We can always use some help; experience is not necessary.

Speaking of dollars, please make your track contribution if you have not done so.  It is definitely not too late!! Send a check with your student  or do it online at

SCVAL Time Schedule  (Will not run more than 5 minutes ahead of schedule)
Location: Los Gatos High School
Running Events:
5:30 400 Meter Relay
5:50 1600 Meter Run
6:10 100 Meter Hurdles
6:25 110 High Hurdles
6:35 400 Meters
6:55 100 Meters
7:15 800 Meters
7:35 300M Hurdles
7:55 200 Meters
8:15 3200 Meter Run
8:45 1600 Meter Relay
Field Events:
5:00 First Set of Field Events
VB Discus
VB Long Jump
VG Long Jump
VG Shot Put
VB High Jump
VB Pole Vault
6:30 Second Set of Field Events
VG Discus
VG Triple Jump
VB Triple Jump
VB Shot Put
VG High Jump
VG Pole Vault

SCVAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at Los Gatos on Friday May 12.  Field events start at 5:00, running events at 5:30.  More info come.  

Remember that traffic going to Los Gatos on any day is bad; on Friday it will be awful.  We recommend allowing 75 minutes.  

Congrats to our JVG who won the League Championships and the FSB who won the overall League title. Boys you won by .5 point so everyone made a difference!!  

Congrats to the following athletes who qualified for SCVAL:

Joyce Shea, Claire Hu, Jonas Enders, Clay McGuire, Colin Huang, Priya Thomas, Margaret Redfield, Tara Tracy, Rhys Tracy, Tommy Boguess, Malia Jefferson, Andy Maltz, Jason Knight-Ham, Jared Freeman, Elizabeth Wong, Jordan Tam, Nico Dias, Brandon Chin, Oliver Qin, Arianna Sweat, Julia Laws, Amy Best, our 4x100's and our 4x400's.  I apologize if I forgot anyone. 

Congrats to our DAL League Champs:

Sophie Alexis JVG 3200

Andy Maltz VB Shot

Margaret Redfield VG HJ

Amash Tamang FSB Discus

Angelica Kolar JVG 200

Week of 5/1:

Off to Leagues!!

League Champs will be at Milpitas High School on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please review the following information:

The meet starts at 3:00pm both days.  The bus will leave at 1:15 both days.  Please contact your event coach or Coach PattiSue if you will be providing your own transportation.  Remember traffic will be VERY HEAVY.  

Week of 4/24: Last week of our regular season!!

Tuesday: Senior Recognition at the track at 4:15!!!  

Seniors, be sure to get you info to Coach PattiSue ( 1) Events, 2) Number years doing track, 3) Favorite track memory or experience, 4) Fall plans [ if college, where; gap year/ military, working etc]). 5) your email and parents email, 6) anything else you want us to know.

Tuesday Night: Pasta Feed.  Check Gunn TF FB for more information.

Wednesday: Final League Meet against Paly at Paly.  

Bus departs at approximately 2:00.  Meet will start promptly at 3:15.  If you are providing your own transportation, please let Coach PattiSue know.   We want to make sure all our athletes can make it to this meet since it's the last one AND versus Paly!!!

And reminder, please make your $200 contribution for Track and Field to Gunn High School Boosters.  You can do it online, mail in a check or bring a check to practice.  Thank you

We are at about 30% which is up, but not too much.  Please Please Please do your part.  Thank you.

Final if you will be competing at leagues next week, make sure your change your AP testing date if there is a conflict.  You must contact Mr. Ballard.  If you cannot afford the change fee, please let Coach PattiSue know.  Alternate dates are provided for just this reason. 

Week of 4/17/17

Away Meet vs Milpitas, Thursday 4/20/17

The meet starts at 3:15 and will end at approximately 6:45

Bus departs Gunn at 1:45.  Please contact your event coach and/or Coach PattiSue if you are providing your own transportation. Gunn only provides us with 2 buses which leaves us about 50 seats short so if you are not taking the bus please let us know.  Also let us know if you have space in your car and can transport other Gunn Students (NOTE: STUDENTS CANNOT DRIVE STUDENTS).

CCS Top 8 Invitatinoal, Saturday 4/22/17


Time Schedule:

Entries: To be announced

And reminder, please make your $200 contribution for Track and Field to Gunn High School Boosters.  You can do it online, mail in a check or bring a check to practice.  Thank you.

Week of 3/27/17

Last Home Meet vs Lynbrook, Wednesday 3/29/17

Our third and final home meet is against Lynbrook this Wednesday, March 29.  In order for the meet to run smoothly, we'll need a few parent volunteers to help us run the events.  It doesn't have to be for the entire meet, but for whatever amount can be volunteered would be incredibly appreciated.  Volunteers please see here:

Roster can be found here (no throws, no distance):

Results from Last Week

Los Gatos Results: We had quite the close meet in a couple divisions against Los Gatos  We ended up clinching the Varsity Girls and Frosh-Soph Boys at the second to last event for both divisions.  We ended up winning the Varsity Girls, JV Girls, and Frosh-Soph Boys.  This leaves our JV and Frosh-Soph teams currently in first place for the league, as the only undefeated teams.

Full Los Gatos results can be found here:

Firebird Results:

Week of 3/20

Home Meet Against Los Gatos on Thursday RAIN OR SHINE

Mon, Tues, Weds and Friday practice at regular times.  

We workout in rainy or sunny weather. 

Thursday:  Gunn v. Los Gatos.  

Meet starts at 3:15.  

Snack bar donations welcomed! (Costco cookies sold out quickly if anyone is interested...)

Parents, we need about 10 volunteers to keep the meet moving and your student-athletes home early!  

Saturday: Firebird Relays at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale.  

This is the last invitational that is open to ALL athletes regardless of experience or times. Please contact event coach if interested.  These meets are a lot of fun and a great way to get experience.

Great job at both our last home meet and the SFHS Invite.  Results for both meets can be found at

Special shout out to our top 5 finishers at SFHS:

Jeff 1st the VB HJ in 6'8"

Margaret 2nd in VG HJ 5'2'

Tommy 3rd in VB HJ 6'

Joyce was second in the 3k in 10:33

Jonas was third in the 3k in 9:13

Sophia was 4th in FSG Mile 5:43

Amy was 5th in the FSG Mile is 5:52

FSB DMR was 5th (Felipe, Patrick, Noah, Justin)

And reminder, please make your $200 contribution for Track and Field to Gunn High School Boosters.  You can do it online, mail in a check or bring a check to practice.  Thank you.

Week of 3/13

First Home Meet this Week vs. Los Altos on Thursday. 

Roster can be found here, no throws, no distance:

Parents, please let us know if you can help!!  Also need baked goods and treats for snack bar. Contact if you can help with either (or both).  No experience needed.

Regular Bell Schedule this week so back to normal practice times:

Mon: 3:00 and team meeting

Tues: 4:00 

Weds: 3:15 and Pasta Feed.  Location TBD

Thurs: Home Meet against Los Altos!!  Everyone competes so be prepared!!!  Same schedule as listed below (but as you now know, things can move ahead or BEHIND)

Friday: 4:00 Practice

Saturday:  SFHS Invite.  We are awaiting entry updates and will notify team once we have those.

And as of Monday 3/13 we do NOT have Homestead results.  (see steam coming out of ears of the writer)

And reminder, please make your $200 contribution for Track and Field to Gunn High School Boosters.  You can do it online, mail in a check or bring a check to practice.  Thank you.

St. Francis Invitational, Saturday March 18

Meet information can be found here:

Heat sheets are currently not up yet.

Los Gatos Dual, Thursday March 23

Our second home meet is against Los Gatos next Thursday, March 23.  In order for the meet to run smoothly, we'll need a few parent volunteers to help us run the events.  It doesn't have to be for the entire meet, but for whatever amount can be volunteered would be incredibly appreciated.  Volunteers please see here:

Firebird Relays, Saturday March 25

Firebird Relays is a fairly relaxed invitational with no standards for entry.  Anyone may participate if he or she wants to.  Talk to your event coaches if there is any interest.  Entries are due by midnight on Tuesday, March 21.  Meet information can be found here:

Week of 3/6

Mon: practice at 3:15 and team meeting

Tues: practice at 3:15 and Pasta Feed 

Weds: League Meet at Homestead!!!!

Thurs: practice at 3:15

Fri: No school.  Check your event coach for practice times

Sat: KBell (Los Gatos), TKA (King's Academy Sunnyvale) 

Rust Buster Invite:

Congrats to those athletes who competed at the Rust Buster Meet on Saturday.  Everyone did really well.  Medalists include Zach E. (2nd in 400), Nico D. (3rd in TJ/LJ), Claire H. (3rd 1600), and Jonas E. (4th 1600, 5th 800).  Sorry if we missed anyone. 

This week Gunn is on a 4 Day alternate schedule. 

Practice is at 3:15 M, Tu and Thursday unless your event coach has made other arrangements.  

Most coaches will also be having Friday practice.  Make sure you check in with your event coach so you know what time practice will be on Friday.

Homestead League Meet:

Wednesday: First League Meet of the Season!!  The meet is against Homestead at Homestead.  The meet starts at 3:15 and will end at approximately 6:00. 

Bus departs Gunn at 1:45.  Please contact your event coach and/or Coach PattiSue if you are providing your own transportation. Gunn only provides us with 2 buses which leaves us about 50 seats short so if you are not taking the bus please let us know.  Also let us know if you have space in your car and can transport other Gunn Students (NOTE: STUDENTS CANNOT DRIVE STUDENTS).

Approximate estimated time schedule for running events at Dual Meets.  

This is a guestimate that is based on things running smoothly.  Some meets go faster than this and some go slower.  For that reason, it is called a rolling schedule.  

Order is VB, VG, FSB, JVG unless noted below

3:15 4x100m

3:25 1600m (Girls may be combined)

3:50 110/65/100 H (VB, FSB, VG, JVG)

4:20 400m

4:40 100M

4:55 800

5:10 300H (VG, JVG, VB, FSB)

5:25 200m

5:40 3200m (all divisions)

6:00 4x400m (may be combined, otherwise JVG, FSB, VG, VB)

Field Events start at 3:15 (may have open pits; please check with event coach and pay attention to announcements)



Disc: VG, FSB, VB, JVG



Week of 2/27

Big Week for TF

Regular practice times.

Monday: Team Pictures.  Wear Gunn gear or black and red.  

Wednesday: Red/Black Scrimmage


Rust Buster Meet at Monta Vista High School.  Make sure you let your Coach know if you would like to attend.  Divisions are VB, VG, FSB, and FSG.  All athletes are encouraged to attend.

Miss the PARENT MEETING?  Parent Meeting info is attached below (Gunn Track 2017).

Intrasquad Meet, Wednesday March 1

On Wednesday, we have an intrasquad meet in order to get baseline marks for all athletes.  The running events will start at 3:30 and will be on a rolling schedule in the following order: 150-meter hurdles, 1600, 100, 300, 600.  Field events will be open for everyone to try, and it is encouraged that new athletes try some of them out.

Rustbuster Invitational, Friday March 4

If you would like to participate in the first invitational of the year, please let your events coaches know in which events you'd like to compete.  Entries are due by Thursday, March 2nd.  No schedule has been posted as of yet. but  meet information can be found here:

Homestead Dual Meet, Wednesday March 8

Our first dual meet is next Wednesday at Homestead High School.  Everyone is expected to be available to compete, but we can only take so many people to compete due to bus space.  If you are able to take yourself to the meet, please let us know so that we can try to squeeze more people on to the buses.  Buses will leave Gunn at 1:45 PM and return at approximately 7:30 PM.

K-Bell Invitational and The King's Academy Invitational, Saturday March 11

We have two invitationals lined up for next Saturday.  Generally throwers, hurdlers, and jumpers attend K-Bell, while distance and sprints attend TKA.  Entries for K-Bell are due March 4 and meet information can be found here:  Entries for TKA are due March 7 and meet information can be found here:

Week of 2/20

Alternate Bell Schedule: Practice will start approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of classes (including tutorial). 

Check with your event coach about Monday practice.  Distance practice will be at 4:00 pm on Monday.  

PARENT MEETING: Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 7:30 in the PE classroom.  

Note: Scrimmage is coming up on Wednesday March 1st and first competition is Saturday March 4th at Monte Vista High School.  

Week of 2/13

Welcome new winter sport athletes.

Alternate Bell Schedule:  Practice starts approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of classes (including tutorial).

Check with your event coach about Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday Practices.  

Distance group will be meeting 11:00 am on Thursday and Friday and 4:00 pm on Monday.  The optional Saturday morning run will be at the regular time, 9:00 am.  

Week of 1/30/17

Official Practice Starts this Monday

Every Monday there is a group team meeting at 3:00 PM.

Sprinting, hurdles, distance and throws starts practice at 3:00 on Mondays, 3:15 on Wednesdays, and 4:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Jumps starts at 4:00 every day.

Week of 1/23/17

Preseason Informational Meeting

There will be an informational meeting for in the PE Classroom during lunch on Thursday, January 26.

Week of 12/5/17

Track and Field Officially Starts Monday, January 30

Our official start date is Monday, January 30.  We be meeting on the track at 3:00 PM on Mondays and Wednesday and 4:00 PM on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Preseason conditioning has started for some event groups, please check with the individual coach for more information.

Register for Athletic Clearance and Get Your Physical!!

If you haven't already done so, please register on Athletic Clearance and get your physical done. You will not be allowed to participate if you have not registered and turned in your physical.

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