We will be competing against Los Altos, Tuesday (3/26), starting at 3:30pm.

Hey Team!

The shirts will be dry fit material and cost $20. Find Justin Chiao or any event captain before and after practice to order one. You can pay in cash or with a check addressed to Justin.

GoOOOOooOOoooooOOOO TEAM!!!!!!

Head Coach: Michael Granville - granvillefit@gmail.com

Awesome job competing this weekend! Highlights on paloaltoonline

Also, if you are interested in racing at Firebird Relays next Saturday (3/30), please let either me or one of your coaches know which events you'd like to be entered in.

Our guidelines:


Practice is 20 minutes after the last academic bell! Meet at the Track.

Please, register for Track and Field https://gunnathletics.com/need-a-physical/ and your physicals are available here... https://gunnathletics.com/athletic-registration/

We need your service! Please, help with being present. These are your children. This is a time of amazing growth and parental influence. I want to invite you to volunteer. Witness your kids progress!

Help Wanted!!!

If you enjoyed helping in the past or wish you had had a chance, it’s not too late!!!  We need 8 parents (or more) to help us out at the League Meet.  All schools are assigned jobs. Specifically we need help at the finish line and with the girls long jump and triple jump.  We would like to let Coach Jordan actually coach instead of running those events.  Please let me know if you can help us out. 


Thanks to those of you who have turned in your APD.  Please, send a check made out to Gunn hs memo cross country... or donate online at http://gunnboosters.corecommerce.com/scholarship-additional-and-team-donations.html.  The suggested amount is $200 but any amount is appreciated.  This year the contributions have ranged from $10 to $1000.  

Michael Granville,
Aug 23, 2018, 9:14 PM