Focus on Success is an award winning study and life skills elective, designed to support students in their core academic classes through lessons in organization, time management, study skills, goal setting, and healthy lifestyles and by providing homework time and support from tutors.  

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Student Testimonials:

"Focus on Success gives me time to do my homework and study. I can always find the help I need on any subject I am struggling with. We also have many helpful lessons on how to manage your time, get help, be successful, and more. Our Focus teachers are always making sure we are doing all our work and reminding us about our assignments." - Camila Besprovan, 10th grade

"Focus is a class where you have a good time, you feel welcomed, and the atmosphere is great. Teachers teach you lessons and help you with homework, if you ever need help, you can simply ask." - Andre Vega, 12th grade

"It's an open, relaxing class where you can do homework. There is a positive environment and you make a lot of friends. You get a lot of help and support from teachers." - Rene Escalante, 12th grade

"FOS helps you stay organized, get your homework done on time, and connect with teachers." - Elexa James, 10th grade

"Focus helps you stay on top of things and feel way less overwhelmed." - Jon Naranjo, 10th grade 

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