Welcome to the Sesssion: 

Bring on the Bling + Creative Apps = Excitement! Use the iPad as a creative tool, not just a consumption tool, keeping your students excited, motivated and engaged.
“Have me watch a video, I forget; ask me do an online interactive, I remember; let me produce and create, I learn” – Benjamin Franklin.

Adapting from Ben Franklin’s quote to today’s educational environment: “Have me play an iPad game, I forget; ask me to do an online activity, I remember; let me create, I LEARN!”

Taking inspiration from the above, the focus of this presentation is taking the implementation of the iPad in the classroom to the next level within Bloom’s Taxonomy. iPads have arrived in our classrooms! How will teachers integrate this fabulous tool so students learn and create on it? Whether you have one iPad or a 1:1 ratio for all students, there are apps that can help students stay engaged and learn, as well as to help teachers teach more effectively and give students opportunities to be creative. In our presentation, we will show samples of student and teacher work from across the curriculum using apps such as DoodleCast Pro, ShowMe, Educreations, Sonic Pics, iMovie, and more. Teachers will learn about great, easy, fun, creative apps that they can implement right away in the classroom! The power is not in the apps themselves, but in how teachers and students use the apps!