About Us

2015-2016 PTA Board


Carolyn Fulks

James Lehman

Mary Ruiz


Becky Silva


Laura Warner

Financial Secretary

Andy Hilliard


Theresa Pistochini


Elise Brewin

The Patwin PTA welcomes you to the 2015-2016 school year! Our PTA supports teachers and families with tools needed to ensure a strong and encouraging learning environment. We strive for good communication and encourage you to see our ever-improving website, including the new online store and directory, both launched last year. Go to www.patwinpta.org.

What we do:

ü Fundraising to provide supplies for every classroom, educational materials, technology, school project materials, and critical reading and recess support.

ü Community-building and staff appreciation events to enhance our connections in and out of the classroom.

How you can help:

ü Donate*

Without the donations of parents, grandparents, teachers and friends, the PTA could not fund the various programs that parents and teachers feel are essential at Patwin.

The PTA appreciates those parents, grandparents, teachers and friends that made donations to support the PTA, without your donations the PTA could not fund the various programs that parents and teachers feel are essential at Patwin such as BRAVO, After-School Clubs, Science Enrichment, Reading Program, Computer Lab, School Counselor, Math Night, etc.

o We have many fundraisers throughout the year, staring with our Membership Drive and the Unfundraiser (see "Documents" on this website for information!)

o Make donations anytime with a credit/debit card. See “Patwin Store” on this website.

o Sign-up for Scrip – see the back of this page to learn how you can help Patwin earn free money from your normal shopping trips. We made nearly $4000 last year from Scrip!

ü Volunteer

o There are many activities and school events we organize during the year. Whether you help out regularly or at a one-time event, your time is needed and appreciated.

The PTA is a community effort, and Patwin is an outstanding community! We look forward to working with you and wish you all the best this year!

*The Patwin Elementary School PTA, is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax deductible. If you contributed more than $250 in a single year, whether in cash or item donation, you will need receipt or written acknowledgement of your contribution. If you require a letter for your donation, please contact the PTA Treasurer. If you made a cash donation, keep a canceled check, bank statement or credit card bill. Alternatively, you can ask the PTA to provide a written acknowledgement. If you made the donation in the form of goods or services, a description and estimation worth based on good faith that it was the fair market value at the time of the bestowal. Volunteer time is not considered a gift for tax purposes; however you can deduct out of pocket expenses. Quid Pro Quos are generally not tax deductible. Bidding on an auction item at the silent auction is not deductible unless you paid more than fair market value for the merchandise, goods or services, the amount paid that is more than the value can be a charitable donation.