Box Tops

Your child can win a prize while raising money for Patwin!

If your child would like to receive a pencil and have the opportunity to participate in the monthly drawing for a small prize, please submit a bag of 50 Box Tops, marked with your child’s full name and the teacher’s name, by the 15th of month prior to next assembly. Bags of Box Tops should be placed in the red bin marked “Box Tops” in the office by the end of the day on the 15th or any time before. Please do not turn them into the teachers. While we gratefully accept any number of Box Tops, we are required to turn in batches of 50 when we submit them for payment, and we award pencils and participation in the drawing to students who turn in a group of 50. We will have collections every month, so if you do not yet have 50 Box Tops, but expect that you will by the next assembly, feel free to hold on to them, so that your children can receive their reward. Thanks for your help everyone!