Our Miracles of Healing

In November 1997, we heard the words that many families dread. We learned that Karen had a sizable tumour in her large intestine. It was soon biopsied as cancerous. When we learned this, we already had been fighting a seemingly unending battle against the chronic fatigue that had plagued Gary for the prior two and one-half years  ...making both our lives very difficult.

When we received the additional bad news about Karen's dis-ease, we already were non-strict vegetarians ...eating what we thought was a healthy diet. We and many others had been praying for Gary's healing. Traditional doctors and specialists that Gary had consulted for over two years did not know how to help him. Gary also had visited several different 'alternative' health-care practitioners and tried many of the popular self-care approaches. We also prayerfully had taken many of the 'hot' super foods and other supplements in our search for God's healing for Gary.

All of this seemed to have been to no avail!  And then a biopsy indicated that Karen had a kind of cancer that takes many peoples' lives!  We were opposed to the advice of Karen's doctors. They were recommending immediate surgery followed by chemotherapy and, possibly, radiation. In the past, we had watched these approaches do more harm than good in the lives of some relatives and friends.

We were confused and frightened. We weren't sure what to do next. But, as Followers of Jesus, we chose to trust our Heavenly Father. We believe that disease is not His heart for His children (Isaiah 53:5). We trusted that He would see us through the darkness that seemed to envelop us even more tightly than during the prior three years. "I have come that they (His followers) may have life," Jesus promises all of us in John 10:10 of the Bible, "and have it to the full." We also believe that this promise refers to the earthly part of our eternal lives ...not just to our lives hereafter. We wanted fuller lives.

Almost immediately after Karen's chilling diagnosis, our loving Heavenly Father supernaturally led us to people associated with Dr. George Malkmus' Hallelujah Acres. They introduced us to his Hallelujah Diet. Dr. Malkmus, a Christian Minister, is devoted to teaching people how God's natural laws can heal them. We watched Dr. Malkmus' video seminar and read his two books, including 'Why Christians Get Sick'.

God also quickly confirmed in a number of supernatural ways that we were to adopt the "Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle" plus other key lifestyle changes Gary identified. We did so immediately. We see our heavenly Father's leading even more clearly now, with hindsight, and the miracles He gave us to confirm it.

We prayerfully came to believe the simple, Biblical truths that Hallelujah Acres teaches. We wanted to be well. So we trusted God and persevered, in faith, believing that we would see the same kind of healing results from Him that He has given to so many thousands of others around the world during the prior 25+ years of the Hallelujah Acres Ministry. We were able to do so ONLY with the Holy Spirit's guidance, help and encouragement.

Over the following four months, our God used our lifestyle changes to heal both of us ...COMPLETELY. Thanks to Him, we continue healthier than ever over twelve years later. He gets all the glory! We simply did what He tells us in His Word.

In late March 1998, after surgery, her surgeon told Karen that her colon tumour had changed from cancerous to benign, by certified biopsy. Monthly migraine headaches, from which she had suffered for over thirty years, now no longer plague Karen. She lost 30 lbs. ...dropping three dress sizes. Her eyes sparkle. Her skin shines. Now about twelve years after a biopsy confirmed Karen had life-threatening cancer, she looks as attractive and healthy, at almost 70, as ever.

In the same four month period, Gary's Chronic Fatigue and Immune Deficiency Syndrome (CFIDS) disappeared. His energy level is as good as it was before he got sick in 1995. He walks up to four miles in an hour, many days, and he has the physique and weighs about what he did in his early twenties. In addition, chronic shoulder pain and hemorrhoids have disappeared and symptoms from an enlarged prostate have stabilized. The latter is confirmed by periodic "PSA Tests", despite the latter's unreliability. Gary, like Karen, now gets compliments about how healthy he looks and comments from people that they don't believe he is almost 70, either.

Friend, we believe that the Lord honoured our faith in implementing James 5:15 by healing us both. He can and wants to do the same for you!

We have adapted the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle as part of what we now call our S-M-A-R-TLifestyle. We know that God used it to heal us in concert with the prayers of our friends and many people we did not even know. He continues to use it to keep us vibrantly healthy. He will do the same for anyone. Father God has given us self-healing bodies because He loves us all! You do not have to believe in Jesus for Him to physically heal you when you apply God's natural laws on which our S-M-A-R-TLifestyle™ is based..

Our Heavenly Father's heart for everyone is also that we will find healing and shalom (peace+) for our souls and spirits, forever, as well as healing for our physical bodies here on earth. In the Bible, it is written: "For God so loved the world (all of us, no matter what we've done) that He gave His one and only Son (Jesus) that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16)

 We pray that God, by His Spirit, will impress upon your mind and heart what He would have you know about His natural laws of physical healing ...so you, then, will be motivated to take advantage of them. Jesus died for you and rose from the grave as proof that He is God's one and only Son and so: YOU AND THOSE YOU LOVE DO NOT HAVE TO BE SICK!". (Isaiah 53:5)

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