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Course Syllabus and JOLT Keys to Success

Keys to Success in OdysseyWare

Welcome to the world of on-line learning as a participant in the Jurupa Online Learning Team or JOLT.  You have the opportunity to take courses at your own pace and at the times that are convenient for you.  Don’t let this fool you.  On-line classes are not easy and require significant motivation and effort to successfully complete a class.  If students aren’t familiar with online learning, they may find it more difficult than it needs to be.  This handout is designed to provide an overview of the OdysseyWare program as well as give tips on how to be successful in completing the courses.  Here is how the OdysseyWare program works:

Logging In and Getting Started

·         Go to jusdca.owschools.com and enter your log-in and password information. You can also access it by going to the patriothighschool.com HOME page.

·         On your home screen you will find your assignments due and any messages sent from your teacher

·         To begin a lesson, click on the course title and get to work!

·         To check on your progress and navigate to other courses that may be assigned to you, go to the My Courses tab and check out your Planner or Courses.

·         To check old messages or send new ones, go to the Messages tab and write a note to your teacher if you need assistance or just to say hi!

Components of the Course

·         Courses – Each course in OdysseyWare is typically broken down into five main units and a comprehensive final exam.  Some courses vary from this outline but there aren’t many.  Each course is also broken down into Lessons, Quizzes, Tests, and Projects.

·         Lessons – Students must complete the assigned lessons at 80% or better in order to go to the next lesson.  You will only get three attempts to pass the lesson before you are blocked from continuing any further.  At this point, you will need to speak with your teacher to unblock your progress and discuss why you are having trouble progressing.  It is important to focus while doing the lesson so that you can pass the first time. 

·         Quizzes – After every few lessons, you will be required to pass a quiz.  These quizzes must be passed at a 60% or better in order to progress further.  These quizzes may be taken outside the classroom but there are a limited number of attempts before your progress is blocked and you will need to speak with your teacher.

·         Tests – Tests are given at the end of each unit that covers all the material in that unit.  These tests must be taken in the presence of your teacher to validate the work done throughout the unit.

·         Projects – Depending on the course and unit of study, projects will be assigned periodically. These projects can be research papers, essays or even dioramas.  They can be submitted electronically by attaching a document and sending it to the teacher or you can hand it in directly.

Secrets to Success

Some students have tried to get through the material by not reading very closely and hoping they can guess right on the tests.  Most do not find themselves to be successful when doing this.  A better way to go through a course is by following these key strategies:

·         Read – You won’t get anything out of any lesson unless you read and understand the material.

·         Take Notes – Notes are allowed to be used on lessons, quizzes and tests.  If you take good notes, most questions should be pretty easy.

·         Vocabulary – The vocabulary terms are at the top for a reason.  You can expect to see them again.  Write them down and understand their meaning before going through the lesson.

·         Prepare for the Lesson – Go to the bottom of the lesson and see what questions are being asked.  Write them down if you need to.  Then as you go through the lesson, you can pick up the key points necessary to be successful on the questions on not only the lessons, but the quizzes and tests as well.

·         Push the Right Buttons – Be careful about what keys you use in the lessons.  You can exit out of a lesson before you are ready.

Final Expectations

Students are expected to progress through their courses at an accelerated pace.  Earlier it was stated that students can “work at their own pace”.  What that really means is that you have the opportunity to work faster, not slower.  You will be expected to complete a predetermined amount of work each week.  Failure to do so may result in your being dropped from the JOLT program.  Stay motivated, stay focused, and make progress on our classes at every opportunity.

JOLT Credit Recovery Syllabus

Periods 2-6

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to recover high school credits using an online format.  Our goal is for students to demonstrate knowledge in the required course work at an accelerated pace, while still acquiring the necessary competency they will need for future academic success.  Students use OdysseyWare to complete their coursework, tests, quizzes, and projects. Most instruction comes from OdysseyWare.

Core Values

Students are expected to demonstrate the Patriot High School core values of Respect, Teamwork, Discovery, Responsibility, Commitment, Courage, Safety/Security, and Integrity.  Please use these words at home when discussing your values and expectations of them.


Due to its accelerated pacing, it is normal that students be required to work both at home and at school.  They will normally have 2-3 lessons of English and 2-3 lessons of Math every night as well as any course work they did not complete for the day.  Learning goals are posted daily in class and a student planner with due dates is made available to them from their online OdysseyWare console. Students typically take 2-3 courses at a time.

Course Materials

Internet computers will be provided for students.  However, a few optional items might help their experience be more pleasant, which might improve learning (we tend to learn better when we are in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere). Remember, students will be sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen: spiral bound notebook, bottled water, headphones, seat cushion, Clorox wipes, a personal mouse, and an appropriate mouse pad with wrest support.


Students will receive 7 minute breaks every 55 minutes, to align with the passing bell schedule. This is their opportunity to stretch, use the restroom, have a snack, and get some sunlight.  They will also receive a 30 minute lunch as per the posted bell schedule for “T” buildings.  Breaks do not apply to students who are attending only a single period.


Grading is done primarily through OdysseyWare.  The Instructor, however, will issue the final grade and submit credits and grade earned to the Registrar.  To help ensure mastery and competency, students will have many attempts to retake quizzes, tests, and projects.  They need to score 80% on lessons, 70% on Quizzes, and 70% on tests to progress through the unit.  The final grade will rest on the standard grading scale: A=90-100%, B=80-90%, C=70-80%, D=60-70%. There is no extra credit in this course.

Late Work

Since this course is designed to help students demonstrate competency, late work is generally accepted.  Students have a particular pacing they must follow, but some students may need more time than others.  Although students have an opportunity to turn in late work, be careful that they do not fall too far behind pacing, otherwise they may not complete their required units in the time given to them.


Since this class is highly accelerated and compacted, student attendance is essential for student success. Missing even ONE day can result in your student falling behind.  The good news is that many students are still able to complete course work from their home and they will not miss any instruction, since everything is online. Just understand that every absence puts your student in debt in terms of time and workload they will need to make up to keep pace with the course.


Students are expected to work quietly and productively at their work stations.  Students are not to look at inappropriate content or indulge in digital distractions such as social networking sites and games.  Disruptive and/or distracted students will be 1) warned 2) introduced to a consequence 3) receive that consequence 4) parent contact then 5) sent to the office on a referral.  A referral may also be issued (immediate exit) for dangerous behavior and/or defiance.


School policy will be adhered to. Cell phones are not to be used during class time.  Dress Code will be enforced. Due to the independent nature of this course, I will allow students to listen to music as long as they are quiet and are being productive.  They must realize, however, that it is a privilege and not a right.


Since this is an online course, it can be tempting for students to cheat.  Copying student work and searching the answers on the internet are examples of this.  However, the biggest form of cheating is when students copy essays from the internet.  As a teacher, it is quite easy to tell the difference between an emerging writer and the words of a college scholar.  We also filter all essays through plagiarism software.  Offenses will adhere to the adopted Academic Integrity Policy.  Keep in mind that numerous offenses may have a damaging effect on the student’s permanent academic record.

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