Information and Application

   Beginning in October of 2015 the Patriot Anglers will be providing fishing expeditions for Veterans seeking services from our partners at the Bill Daniels Veteran Service Center (VSC), Operation TBI Freedom, the Boulder Veteran Center, or any Patriot Anglers partner organization. The expeditions will be based on the needs and capabilities of the participants. Designed to teach fishing and outdoor recreation, the expeditions will create a positive and healthy team building environment; where a Veteran can find camaraderie and a day where life's struggles can be left behind. The Patriot Anglers will work to foster a relationship between nature and the Veteran to help bring peace, hope, and stability back to one’s life. We plan expeditions year round with the opportunity to learn fly fishing, ice fishing, boating, and many other forms of fishing in the Rocky Mountains.

Patriot Anglers Fishing Expedition Program Eligibility and Policy

    U.S. Military Veterans who are seeking or are receiving services from Volunteers of America (VOA), Operation TBI Freedom, Denver and Boulder Veteran Centers, or any Patriot Anglers partner organization are eligible to attend a Patriot Anglers Veteran Fishing Expedition. All potential expeditions must go through the application process to be considered to be added to the Patriot Anglers expedition wait-list. Potential participants can only be referred and signed up through the VOA Veterans Service Center located at  1247 Sante Fe Dr Denver, CO 80204.

Expedition Sign Up Process

Please use the online form to the right of this webpage to sign-up for expeditions. A paper version of the signup form is located on the on the Patriot Anglers desk at the Bill Daniels Volunteers of America Veteran Service Center for partners to sign up their Veteran clients for expeditions.

  1. Complete and Submit the The Patriot Anglers  Expedition Sign Up Form

    1. If using the paper sign up form a Patriot Anglers volunteer will input the information provided to the same database as the online application.

  2. As there is a demand to attend fishing expeditions, potential participants may end up on a wait-list. Once on the wait-list participants will be considered for expeditions on a first come first serve basis, with the exceptions of: to pair similar participants together for ease of expedition management and planning, or for two Veteran participants in acquaintance to be on the same expedition.  Participants and their referring organization will be notified via email concerning their wait-list status when their application has been received by the Patriot Anglers. The Patriot Anglers are committed to gaining resources and personnel to fulfill the need for expeditions based on wait-list demands.

  3. Once the application is complete and has been submitted the Patriot Anglers  Operations Team will contact the participants on a first come first serve basis.

    1. The Operations Team will be required to ask certain questions but not retain the information;

      1. Is the participant healthy enough to walk 1 mile?

      2. Is the Participant healthy enough to carry up to 40 pounds?

      3. Has the participant committed or been convicted of any crimes in the last 2 years?

  4. Once the Patriot Anglers Operations team has contacted the participants, an Expedition location will be discussed with the Co-Expedition Captain.

    1. Based on the participants answers to section 3, bullet a., sub bullet i., ii., iii., and the Veterans expedition preference the Operations Team will plan a appropriate expedition with the Veterans input.

    2. Since Expeditions are planned monthly, the beginning of the month, no later than the start of the second calendar week (or the 4th week prior to the Expedition start) operations will render a decision on the eligibility of the participants

  5. After a location is determined by the expedition Captain, The planning process for the expedition will start;

    1. Based on the Patriot Anglers Veteran Fishing Expedition SOP outlined in this document the planning process should start no later than the beginning of the second calendar week of the month (or the third week prior to the expedition start).  

  6. Once the planning process is complete each Veteran Participant will be contacted and be notified to discuss the details of the expedition.

  7. The expedition Captain will provide the Release of Liability Document/Waiver document on the Day of the Event at the provided meeting location, as well as an exit survey once the expedition is complete.

  8. Participants and supporters of the Patriot Anglers are encouraged to join the Patriot Anglers site. By joining the site Veterans will have access to further Patriot Anglers fishing functions and volunteer opportunities, plus find new Veteran fishing buddies.

  9. The Patriot Anglers reserves the right to alter, reschedule, or cancel expeditions.

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