Elizabeth Crawford


TERRY J. GEXLER vs. LEASA J. ROBERTS Domestic Relations/Family Law

The council met with Attorney Beth Crawford on February 22. Crawford is applying for a position on the Probate and Family Court bench.

Ms. Crawford left private practice in 1997, she cited a lack of desire to be involved with the business side of the law as a reason for leaving private practice.

She last had a client in 2003.

She joined the Department of Revenue prosecuting child support cases, in the cases where a parent had transferred their right to receive child support to the state.

 In 2001 she started work with the Probate and Family Court.

Ms. Crawford has been employed by the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, she has assisted with writing new procedures for the court.

Ms. Crawford had been the lawyer of record in the Adoption of Ramon, a case that was heard before Councilor Merrigan when he served as Judge in Greenfield.

Ms. Crawford had made a donation to Councilor Merrigan.

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A vote was taken at the June 20, 2012 meeting.

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