Sarah, Plain and Tall

The second book we read in class during the school year is Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan. Here is some information related to this novel.

Book Trailer by the Author, Patricia MacLachlan

Read Aloud of Chapter 1

More about the Author, Patricia MacLachlan

Omaha Kids Read Nominee- Sarah, Plain and Tall

Kansas Flowers and Grasses (Main Setting)

Learn about Maine (Sarah's Home)

Vocab-o-Gram Activity During this activity, students made predictions before reading by looking at the front and back cover of the novel. As we read, students will refer back to the sheet to see if their predictions are correct.

Gingerbread Man for Adjective Activity In this opening activity, students came up with at least five adjectives to describe themselves. In the story, the characters "meet" each other through letters so they must use adjectives to describe themselves to each other. Sarah describes herself as plain and tall.

Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Kansas and Maine During this activity, students used the Venn Diagram to compare Jacob's home in Kansas with Sarah's home in Maine, telling how they were different and how they were the same.

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