The Patients' Tales Collection                  

The Patients’ Tales Collection is a set of books that people have written about their own illnesses.  The Collection is intended to be a resource for patients, caregivers and friends, health-care providers, and researchers, to help them better understand how individuals experience illness.

The items in the Patients' Tales Collection are listed here by type of condition.  The Collection includes books written about illnesses by the people that experienced them.  Most of them are single volume autobiographical accounts, but the list also includes some books of essays and single essays that have appeared in books (these are marked with an asterisk).  For some of the entries we have included a commentary or response to the book.

We believe that these accounts provide deep insights into the experience of illness and its effects on the lives of sufferers and their loved ones.  The books in the Collection provide a different perspective and type of information than shorter articles, websites, chat rooms, and other online resources, and it is our goal to make them more accessible to the public. 

  • The Collection currently lists over 300 titles, and we should like to see it continue to grow.  If a book you enjoyed is not listed, please let us know by clicking on the 'Suggest a Book' tab.  
  • If you are a researcher in the medical humanities, we should like to have your contribution to a collaborative research endeavour.  To find out more, click on the 'For Researchers' tab.