The Panchamrut Project is mainly designed under guidance of His Holiness for Spiritual, & Social awareness with 5 Activities to be activated in at all VYO centers.

1.Kathamrut:-The lives of young men will be made spiritual & devotional by preaching them the divine facts of Supreme Soul, Lord Krishna through the medium of recitation of life-deeds & sportive deeds of Shrinathji Prabhu all over the world. His Holiness has undertaken a unanimous mission of sanctifying the society with divine charitra of SHRINATHJI PRABHU. Many people around the world do visit the Holy Place Nathdwara ( Shrinathji) but are unaware about the unanimous facts about almighty Goverdhandhari Shrinathji prabhu. So to introduce the society with divine history & interesting facts of Lord Shrinathji , SHRINATHJI CHARITRAMRUT KATHA is been organized in various cities of INDIA & Abroad.

2.VYO:- With a vision of Spiritual & cultural awareness amongst the Youth & the society imbibed with qualities of Sanatan Vaidik dharma & its divine ethics at international level assuring the features of Oneness, Intimacy, Faith, team-spirit in the social beings.

3. "Know Your Life"- Course:-

Their will be 5 basic levels of this course:- 1st Level:- On the concept of Creation Of EARTH, 2nd Level:- Cultural Spirit in the Primary/initial Stage (Garbha Sanskaar), 3rd Level:- Law of Action "KARMA”, 4th Level :- Sanatan Vaidik Hindu Dharma , 5th Level:- The Path of "PUSHTI"
A spiritual course will be prepared on this 5 levels. Trainers will be appointed for each level for complete guidance in the same. Theoretical knowledge will be given to the youth in the right & particular manner so that it makes easy for them to understand & positively accept the divine qualities in the same. This course will be launched at all VYO branches.

4. Spiritual School:- Spiritual Schools will be started for the children of 8 to 15 years& they will be trained on subjects of better living, Indian Culture, Yoga, Path of Pushti, Shri Krishna-the supreme soul, Ramayana, Gita & Bhagwat etc. The class will be conducted by trained teachers in every subject at all VYO centers.

5. Seva-Shibir:- (A Practical Workshop)
Various unusual misunderstandings prevail among many people regarding DIVINE SERVICES. It is absolutely impossible to avoid it because of good company, religious & divine discourses, lectures but along with it there is no particular provision for a practical workshop.

As a part of this Panchamrut Project under the guidance of His Holiness "A Practical Workshop" "Seva-Shibir" is included in Panchamrut Project wherein in every city practical workshops i.e. Seva Shibir will be organized by VYO. An attempt will be made to make human life devotional by living in this world of egoism through the medium of divine services to (Seva of ) Shri Krishna along with living a life in the midst of Family, education & business.