" Youth "one of the main foundation of the social system on this beautiful creation of almighty "Youth" is the definition of Positive Power, dedication, Faith, Ambition, Smart Vision, a backbone of Human Society. Talking about the development of any part of the society or the nation the prior option we think for is “Youth”. With changing time & advancement in the technology, a major change is noticed in the social & physical attire of the youngster.

Somewhere if we deeply think about our true existence on this arena of Almighty then a deep fact comes on focus. The "Human" is like a big Tree in this beautiful garden of various trees where fruits begins to appear, it is one of the landmark stage of life where in the youth undertakes four pursuits of human life like Duty, Wealth, Passion, & Salvation & obviously anxious to fulfill them & can make a big tree in the form of "Youth" full of fruits.

If we think, what do the "Youth" generally want in today's time period? Education..! Respect..! Money..! Love..! Success..!Sharp Intellect..! Prestige..! Respect..! Sovereignty... Every Youth today is anxious & busy in achieving this, but in all this Kurukshetra of this vital aspects he is in constant search of "Bliss, Happiness, Peace", he wants to achieve this three elements in life. In fact he is involved 24 x 7 in balancing the two phases of life. Spirituality is the pathway to balance this both aspects of life.

Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO) is a platform inspired by His Holiness Pujya Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri mainly for the upliftment of Youngsters, to inspire them towards “Spirituality-the real luster of human life”, also positive vision towards life, firm faith in whatever task they persist, & to serve them Happiness through Spiritual Entertainment. Vallabh Youth Organisation was established in 11th January 2009 At a Grand Opening Ceremony at Akota Stadium in Vadodara, & from their began a motion of Youth Awareness & Youth Guidance through out India & also abroad. Today VYO is successfully established in Ahmadabad, Surendranagar, Nadiad,Dahod, Halol, Godhra, Mumbai, Chhenai,Yavatmal,Nagpur and in USA only. VYO under guidanceof His Holiness will be focused in about 27 countries in upcoming years.