Have a great summer!  I look forward to seeing you in September with new and different projects and techniques to explore.

Supplies for September 2018
For grades K-5, please be sure your children have an art box or bag containing the following supplies:
      pencils, crayons, washable markers, scissors, pencil sharpener, eraser, liquid glue, and several glue sticks

***As the year goes along, please check that supplies are replenished.  Often students must wait to borrow another student's supplies because they are not prepared for class.
GRADES 3-5  This year, students in these grades will also need a 9 x 12 spiral bound Sketch Book for art class in addition to the above supplies.  We will be studying famous artists, taking notes, and sketching some of their works.  We will use the sketchbook as a notebook and practice book.  

***Students who have room left in their sketchbooks from this year may use the same one for the upcoming year.  No need to buy a new one.

Optional supplies may include colored pencils, but experience shows that time is wasted sharpening these as they break easily.  They should not be used in place of crayons.
I appreciate all that you do and am always willing to work with you for the encouragement of our children.  As I always tell them, they are the artists.  I give them the basics and allow them the freedom to create their own version of any given art lesson.  I look forward to another great year!