Product Description

PassportScan ® aims to accelerate and simplify the various stages of Check-In.

This is achieved through the acquisition of data and images of identity documentsand then sending that data to the hotel management software (PMS) in order to avoid manual input by the user.

This objective is achieved using the following technologies:

  • 1. Scanner with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

  • 2. AVE (Address Validation Engine) that allows complete and automatically correctthe data acquired through the OCR using the International Directory of addressesavailable on the Internet

  • 3. DFF (Dynamic Form Fill) enabling direct interconnection with the management software (ex. Opera, OnQ, Fidelio, Protel, Si-Hot, SIGH-Ulysses, Cube, Hotel 3,Hotel2000, HOP2000, Hotel Manager, Nuconga and others ...) and ensure the transmission of acquired data.

˝ All the three technologies exists only in PassportScan ®.
Therefore, making the software unique in its kind ˝.

  • PassportScan ® lets you capture the customer's signature in digital form and add it to the registration form required for State Security Forces.

  • All data are encrypted with "Blowfish". Therefore are available only PassportScan ®.

  • PassportScan ® offers data transmission services necessary to Police Forces across the Internet.

  • PassportScan ® provides printouts of statistics (eg. ISTAT).

  • PassportScan ® has a section dedicated to the preservation of Internet navigation data from the client. Copies of the document and assigned navigation code will be stored in a logical manner.

  • PassportScan ® has the opportunity to acquire, store and broadcast management system (PMS) also the data contained in the cards.

  • PassportScan ® has a MAP section (electronic map), which allows national and international verify addresses and search for restaurants, cinemas, theaters, hospitals, etc ... and finally make a complete printout of map, location and available to the client address .

  • PassportScan ® adapts to the needs of hotel chains, allowing management of client-server. Thus all data are visible for all seasons and / or establishments.

  • PassportScan ® allows multi-user setup different permission level.

  • PassportScan ® uses SQL database.

Operating Modes

The operating mode determines the visual appearance of the product and procedure.
In an open and reduced PassportScan is always in the foreground with respect to
other open applications at the same PMS.

 OPEN mode

All operational areas are visible and accessible. The option is fully operational.


Although we provide a vision of limited data, this mode is particularly suitable for the transmission of acquired data to profile form (CARDEX) of PMS. The peculiar dynamic list of data still to be sent, proves to be very useful when forwarding.

 HIDDEN mode

This mode hides PassportScan ®. There is only the icon on the right side of the taskbar.

Some tasks are still active, for example, scan a new document.

Double click the icon to return to small.

OPEN mode tabs


The section is a list divided into eight columns. Each column can be reordered by the user to optimize the query.

The list is displayed by the filter-down date shown on the left side (see: chapter 4).

In the upper right side there is a list of all components of the Family \ group, which has been created.

In the lower right side cuts are displayed the photos in the documents.

The right picture refers to the Head of Household \ Group, while the left picture refers to components.

Each time you choose a name for the photo appears.

Above the picture there are two keys to managing components and Head of Household \ Group.

 Internet Point

The section is dedicated to the cataloging of Web browsing using a station within the structure (internet point).

The purpose is to catalog the codes issued by the manager Internet Point, the navigation data with details of the acquired identification at check-in.

Thus, we Filed: ID card, user, start and end of navigation.


Selecting the tab we will see a blank page.

Down the left side is a text field and a button with the magnifying glass icon.

To begin searching the PassportScan ® file required the introduction of three (3) characters and then press the button.

         NB: Registration will be only one tab for each scanned document client and every time that this document went through check-in (see "processed data" cap. 4).


In the section we search filter "Guests Only" allows us to divide customers are still housed and those who have already left the facility (check-out).

Active filter with just the click on the magnifying glass button for all hosted customers, while no filter is necessary to introduce at least three (3) characters.


Section Maps uses Google Maps service.

Compiling the "Structure Tab" accessible through the menu "Configure" (right mouse button), manage to position the structure to the center of the map.

Thus we can use the Google Maps for quick searches around the settlement and then provide information to the client.

Buttons and operational 


 Function keys F7, F10 and F12

    Version 6.xx and earlier 

F7 activates the scanner and the recognition of documents to two (2) faces: ID Cards.

F10 activates the scanner and the recognition of documents of one (1) face: Passport, driving license.

    Version 7.xx 

F10 is the only button that is used to scan any type of document. No matter the number of faces.

If during the scan is recognized as a passport or document already on file will have to scan the first side. Otherwise, the software will ask to scan the second side.

The ESC key interrupts the second scan.

     Button F12 (only v. 7.xx)

After using F10 to add two (2) scans called EXTRA 1and EXTRA 2 by pressing F12.
This key can not be recognized documents, in fact not uses OCR, however it is very useful for adding documents (business cards, etc.)..

         NB: It is possible instead of F7 and F10 choose any of the other function keys (F8, F9, etc..) Besides F12.


  1. Position the document scanning area above the picture down.
  2. Zoom the document to the corner indicated by an arrow.
  3. The long side of the document must match the long side of the scanner.
  4. Press F7, F10 ...

 LED and "date filter" 

Down in the left corner there is a warning light (LED) and a "filter date".

The latter allows us to visualize the data inherent in the relevant date, while the LED warns us of a malfunction by lalicencia lack of connection with and / or scanner.

         N.B: The default date is today.   


 Forward Buttons  

With the 1 button CARDEX send data to the PMS with the 2 button while the secondary posibleventana.

The acquired data forwarding technology is provided by DFF.

 Delivery Status 

This button allows you to change the state of data sent not sent, so it will be possible to forward more times the same data.


If we create a new tab without using the scanner client must press the button "New".


With the button "Delete" can remove chips. If the button is inactive is due to:

Record is saved, current record.

 Head of household "CF"(in countries where the law requires it)

The button allows us to designate a name as the head of household. So more people can relate to the CF and the same happens to be the holder of the communication to the Police (PS).

         NB: Notification PS will appear with all members of the family on the same sheet

 Group Head, "CG"(in countries where the law requires it)

The same CF but the PS notification form is different.

         NB: Notification PS appear on different sheets. On the first page only the data from GC and then members of the group.


Allows override the connection between CF and CG and the other components. 

 Entry Form Travelers

This key part of printed reports to the police forces. If we have gained the customer's signature with graphics tablet, you can choose to print only in PDF, without wasting paper.


 Printed Travellers Entry list

With this button we can write the guest list of all scanned and added manually. Using the filters distinguish those who are still present in those who have already left the room.

        NB: If the referral to the police body is active, pressing the button creates a file encoded in a timely pre-selected folder, ready to be sent over the Internet to law enforcement.  

 Printed list Internet access   

Using this button you can view and print a list of all clients that have been registered in the "Internet Point" (Chapter 3.2) with start and end data navigation.  

 Printed Istat   

With this button you can view and print the number of registered customers for a while.


 Switching to OPEN  

Pressing the button is passed as a way REDUCED OPEN (Chapter 2.1). 

 Switching to REDUCED   

Pressing the button is passed as a way REDUCED OPEN (II.2). 


 Switching to HIDDEN

Pressing the button will hide all windows PassportScan ®, but without shutting down

the software.

            NB: The keys remain active acquisition (Chapter 4.1). 



Open the software that allows the service technician to remotely connect Passportscan the computer.   



Customers form (buttons) 


 Formatted data 

It allows viewing of data actually purchased with OCR technology.  



The key is used when the image is scanned in the wrong position. Each click rotates the image 90 degrees. 


 Upload FTP 

his button forwards the document recognized the development team PassportScan ® for updating the software. 

 Printing the document  

Pressing the button will get the impression the document with the data acquired by the scanner.


 Digital Signature  

This button opens the mask acquisition of digital signature provided by the necessary graphics tablet available to the client. 

         NB: The mask is opened only if the procedure for "digital signature" has been activated. 



This function finds the client's stay open with the "Check-in". 

         NB: The procedure is necessary only to write correctly the form ISTAT (Chapter 4.13). 


The button saves the added data without closing the window "Customer Form".    

         NB: Closing the window of the "customer form" the data will be stored automatically. 



Installation and Configuration

Correct installation and configuration PassportScan ® solves customer needs, so the process will be assisted by a technician with Passportscan Ltd. IT Manager or authorized personnel of the establishment. 

More details on the use of PassportScan ® will be provided by

support operators.