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Program Components

Academic Support and Enrichment
All students will participate in educational activities with certified teachers from the Passaic Public Schools, in which they will have the opportunity to work on Reading, Writing, and Mathematics skills, and learn to solve problems through creative projects in their areas of interest. They will utilize exciting technology applications and be guided to improve critical thinking skills.  
Fitness and Physical Activity, Health, and Nutrition
Students have regular opportunities to participate in physical activity including basketball, soccer, fitness, and exercise. Programs are also provided to support nutritious and healthy food choices. Students explore fitness, nutritional health careers.  

Cultural and Artistic Enrichment
Students will be exposed to visual and performing arts well as multi-cultural activities and have the opportunity to participate in clubs and college linkages for more depth exposure in areas of interest. 

Career and College Exploration for Positive Youth Development
Students will participate in dedicated career research sessions, and develop a "Personal Success Plan." This plan will help students think about their futures, identify goals and pathways to college, role models, and helpers who can assist them to work towards their goals. 

Club Choice
Students will participate in enrichment activities through a variety of clubs with a focus on careers and college linkages to areas of student interest.
Educational Field Trips
Students will participate in quarterly field trips during the school year, and additional trips during the summer in which they take tours of New Jersey Colleges to learn about pathways to college, go to museums, performing arts, visit a working farm and a regional park during the summer to learn about ecology and the environment.  

Special Programs for Parents
Family involvement is important to the success of all students and has been shown to impact their academic achievement, positive behavior, and ability to succeed in college. Monthly activities will be scheduled at each location for the parents.