Session 1

Who Owns the Learning?  In this series of sessions we focus on instructional changes. Session 1.1 - NJ and ISTE Standards, 21st Century Skills, Creating Powerful Lessons, Student Roles, Collaborative Classrooms, Screencasting, Publishing Student Work, Planning and Role Play.

Session 2

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship  In this series we focus on how to keep students safe on the Internet, texting, sexting, digital photos/videos and parent roles. We also discuss plagiarism, copyright law and creative commons licensing. The sessions end with information about digital footprints, student-teacher online interactions and student email.

Session 3

Managing a 1:1 Classroom: Daily Procedures in a Virtual Environment  This series focuses on school policies, setting up your virtual classroom, enhanced used of e-Textbooks, daily procedures, assessment and role play. Ends with post deployment feedback.

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