Hi, I'm Rocky! I am a Yorkie-Poo (Yorkshire-Terrier/Poodle Mix) who just LOVES History! 
Mr. Gagliano is my Daddy and has asked me along with my little sister to be your personal guides this school year. If you have any questions for him, please contact him at: agagliano@passaicschools.org 

Recently, my Doggy Doctor diagnosed me with Thyroid Carcinoma. They said I had a type of Cancer that needed to be removed from my throat. On December 26th, 2013 my Daddy took me to a Doggy Surgeon, who removed the Cancer along with part of my Thyroid. I am currently home recovering from the operation, and the Surgeon told my Mommy & Daddy that I am now CANCER-FREE! That means I am a Cancer SURVIVOR! I am feeling much better and will return to jumping and playing with my baby sister "Phoebe" soon:-)

The lil' one below on the right is my baby sister, Phoebe. She is a micro-tea-cup Yorkshire-Terrier.  She weighs only 3 pounds and is already fully grown! 

Rocky Lil' Ms. Phoebe
  The CHAMP - Mr. "Rocky" Balboa           
Wish you a Happ& Healthy New Year!

Mr. "Rocky" Balboa           
    Welcome to Mr. Gagliano's History class webpage! This year we will learn:

  • What History is and why learning History should be important to you.
  • The System of the World - How do we know, what we know?
  • Pangea - How were the land masses on Earth formed?
  • How did "WE" get here?