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AV2 - Audio Video Productions

Welcome to AV2!

Assignments are posted to our Google Classroom site (get the code from Rucker).


Unit 1: Expectations, GAFE & Windows Ops, Logo (Photoshop)

Unit 2: School Newscast & Video Annual Orientations; Film History; PreProduction 1: Scripting 1, Storyboarding 1, Copyright

Unit 3: Camera Cinematography & Composition, Editing 1

Unit 4:  Production Roles, Acting, Audio Design 1: Microphones

Unit 5: Camera Movements, Lighting, & Safety  [PSA]

Unit 6: Conventions, Symbolism, & Themes; Film Analysis

  Semester Review of Objectives & Final

Unit 7: Scripting & Storyboarding 2, Audio Design 2: Adobe Audition

Unit 8: Color Correcting, Titling, & Effects: Editing 2: Keyframing, After Effects Compositions

Unit 9:  Producing, Publishing, and Marketing Documentaries

Unit 10: 3-D Modeling and Animation: 3DsMax

Unit 11: Video Annual and Film Festival Cinema Production

Unit 12: Professionalism: Adobe Encore Portfolio DVD, resume, interviews

  Year Review of Objectives & Final

Production Crew:

Auston  Docu  Cinema
Josue  Docu  Cinema
Dylan   Docu  Cinema
Joseph  Docu  Cinema
Shane  Docu  Cinema
Arriana  Docu  Cinema
David  Docu  Cinema
Jacob K.  Docu  Cinema
Jake  Docu  Cinema
Luke  Docu  Cinema
Kyle  Docu  Cinema
Jordan  Docu  Cinema
Angelica  Docu  Cinema
Justin  Docu  Cinema
Jared  Docu  Cinema
Oscar  Docu  Cinema
Benjamin  Docu  Cinema
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