ASB Adviser Resources

Useful Links and Information
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Procedures and Protocols
-FCMAT ASB Accounting Manual - AKA The LawWe don't make this stuff up,
-Publicity  (Google Doc)


Constitutions and Minutes
-Club Budget Form (for Clubs, different for Athletics) (PDF)

Club Applications
-New Club Application (PDF) (all new clubs or any club that was not active in the previous academic school)
-New Club Officer and Meeting Time Form (PDF) (to be completed after a New Club has been approved establishing officers)
-Club Renewal Packet (PDF) (Each club must renew their club within three weeks of the first day of the academic school year)

Facility Request

Field Trips

Field Trip/Transportation Request - Local Day Trip   (PDF) 

    -Must Submit 2 weeks prior

Field Trip Request - Overnight/Over 150 Miles  (PDF) 

    -Must Submit 15 days before a scheduled board meeting prior to your trip.

PRHS Field Trip/Activity Permission (Spanish)  (PDF) 

    -Must be completed for each student for each field trip/activity. Due to principal's secretary with roster 24 hours before activity/leaving for the trip.

Field Trip Chaperone Responsibilities (Spanish)  (PDF) 

     -Must be completed by all chaperones for EACH Field Trip in addition to completing a District Volunteer Packet (Spanish)
District Volunteer Packet (Spanish (PDF) 

    -Must be completed for any NON-District Employees Volunteers ONCE. TAKES 4-6 WEEKS TO COMPLETE!!!

Financial Stuff
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Expenses (All Expenses must have meeting minutes attached)
-ASB Purchase Order Request (PDF) (You make the order and submit invoice after P.O. has been issued)
        - Submit to get prior approval to spend money. 
         -Make sure to submit invoice with P.O. Number referenced on the invoice.  
         -All invoices must be dated after the P.O. or it won't be accepted.
Office Depot Purchase Requisition (PDF)(Right Click --> Save Link As)
        - We already have a P.O. for Office Depot.
         - Make sure to put your club name under department.
        - Make sure to have minutes.
District Purchase Requisition (PDF) (Right Click --> Save Link As) (District makes order and then Bills ASB) [This is slow!!!!]
        - Make sure to put your club name under department.
        - This requests must be with an approved district vendor.  See ASB Account Manager for more info.

        -Make sure to include Club Name and Event/Project the money came from.
        - Make sure to include a copy of the receipts
Ticket Sales Accounting (Coming)
        -If you are planning on selling tickets check with ASB Account Manager first!

-Fundraiser Request Form (PDF) (Right Click --> Save Link As)

Gifts and Donations
         -Obtains PRIOR approval to receive a gift or physical donation
          -Submit after any gift, physical, or monetary donation

        -Requires minutes from both clubs approving the transfer
Yearly Carryover Request Form (coming soon)
        -Must be submitted by the last week in May!!!!!

Anthony Overton,
Dec 2, 2016, 8:38 AM
Anthony Overton,
Dec 2, 2016, 8:38 AM