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Welcome Gymnasts!

At times, your coach may teach you a skill or exercise in class and refer you to this page as a resource that you can review.  It will allow you to learn more about the skill, study the details, and help prepare you for performing the skill in your upcoming classes. 

At times, the coach may suggest that you are ready to practice an activity at home to develop your skill, strength, or flexibility.  The notes below are to help you remember how to do the activity correctly.

It is fun to watch these skills being done.

Need grips?  Get your grips here!

Changes for 2013 - The US Womens' Artistic Gymnastics Junior Olympic program is updated every 8 years for improvements and realignment with the (annually changing) international gymnastics code (FIG).  This year there are substantial changes, summarized here
Past levels 1 & 2 become the new level 1.
Past level 3 becomes the new level 2.
Past level 4 becomes the new level 3.
Past level 5 becomes the new level 4.
Past level 6 becomes the new level 5.
Levels 1-5 are referred to as compulsory.  The exact routine is prescribed.
Levels 6-10 are referred to as optional, meaning the athlete has options on which skills to perform in their routine.

Shawn Johnson Interview - 2007 Visa Championships