Getting Started

GETTING  STARTED is a lot easier and less expensive with the ParrWash.  It all starts with a plan.

New construction:
  • Send us a preliminary drawing (plan view)
  • With your guidance, Parr will create a detailed sketch that your builder can use when applying for permits.
  • We can answer questions for the builder and the building permit officials. We have done this with great success.
  • We will send the builder an electrical receptacle. The ParrWash electrical plug will work the first time.
  • We will send the builder a cast-iron wash-bay drain. It is the correct size and is easy to install.
Existing building:
  • Send us a photograph or preliminary drawing (plan view)
  • Our engineering and construction group will help you chose the most cost effective design.
  • We will provide a detailed sketch which can be reviewed and modified until perfect.
Parking Lot:
  • We can show you examples of how it works.