Placement on Site

Recommendation for carwash facility layout with ParrWash and its components
Parrwash system with ParrWash Power Rinse

Complete Parrwash with Reverse Osmosis Final Rinse
  • Sewer connection 3/4" PVC
  • Fresh Water 3/4" hose
  • Electrical 30 Amp 230 VAC GFCI
  • Water pickup line 2" PVC
  • Vacuum exhaust line 2" PVC
  • Dimension 83"H x 65.5"W x 27.5"D
  • Access clearance 23" in front of cabinet

Reverse Osmosis only

Sewer connection 3/4" PVC

Fresh water 3/4" hose

Dimension 73.25"H x 49.5"W x 23.5"D 

Access space 17.5" in front

ParrWash Power Rinse                
Parr Rinse Placement

Fresh water 3/4"

Dimensions 19.75" H x 16.5" W x 16"D

Access space 17.5" on top for optional hose reel

Electrical 20 Amp, 120 VAC  GFCI