Environmental Options

The objective is to deliver clean cars and meet environmental requirements

The ParrWash is a new concept in providing environmental compliance and safety.

  • The Parr team works with architects, environmental regulators and building permit officials to provide required information to speed approvals and save time.
  • The Parr engineering, construction and environmental-compliance specialist team is available to provide details and selection advice as required to meet facility and regulatory requirements.
  • We have talked directly with environmental regulators in several states on our customer's behalf and received approval at all locations.


ParrWash Options
  • Wall Mounted Hose Boom
  • Ceiling Mounted Hose Boom
  • Hose Reels (standard equipment)
  • ParrWash SafeKeep (Lockable Insulated Enclosure)
  • Zero discharge 
Wash Containment Options 
  • Prefabricated Containment 
  • Customized wash pad design
  • Cast Iron Drain Assembly
Rinse Options
  • ParrWash Power-Rinse - Fresh water
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) System