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System Design

ParrWash 360

The picture shows an animation of how the ParrWash 360 operates (click on the animation to enlarge)

The dirty wash water is picked up from the wash pad floor by the vacuum system. 

Then the following processes occur inside the ParrWash 360

First Chamber:
The heavy solids like sand stay in the first chamber. Oil from the carwash process is also held in the first chamber. 
Additionally, the water is treated with a clarifying agent. Light weight solids are settled and retained.
Second Chamber:
Oil-free water enters the second chamber via an underflow baffle. A percentage of the treated wash water is pumped to the sewer. The operator chooses the water reclaim percentage. The reclaim percentage can be 100% to 0%.
Third Chamber:
Reclaimed water flows into the third chamber, ready for washing cars using the high pressure pump, hose and spray nozzle. 

ParrWash 360 Operation

Fresh Water Rinse:
Reclaimed water has been treated to remove oil and particulate. Reclaimed water retains dissolved solids (salt, calcium, etc.) and carwash cleaners. Reclaimed water will actually clean better than fresh water because the concentration of carwash cleaner is higher. 
Reclaimed water may cause noticeable water spots or a shine dulling film. 

A final rinse with fresh water is used to rinse away the reclaimed water. This eliminates the possibility of water spots caused by reclaimed water.