ParrWash 360  ---  Patent Pending

Water Reclaim System and Pressure Washer for Manual Carwash Operations
The ParrWash 360 is intended for use in small to mid-size carwash operations. It is ideal for retrofitting existing wash facilities to meet current environmental requirements.
    • Simple operation -- push one button, ready to wash
    • Integrated pressure washer
    • Integrated Oil Water Separator
    • Reclaim water up to 100 Percent
    • Integrated water pickup from wash pad
    • Small footprint and movable in one day
    • Fail-safe water shutoff
    • Lockable control cabinet
        Advantages over Conventional Systems
    • No construction permits required
    • Above ground installation
    • No municipal sewer connection needed
    • Can be used in conjunction with septic tank
    • Eliminates underground tank environmental liability
    • Small footprint and movable
    • Easy to retrofit in existing facility
    • Single phase electrical operation
    • Stainless steel frame
    • Rust-proof, polyethylene water tanks
    • All Parts are industrial grade
    • Designed for operation in wet conditions