"The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library"

Albert Einstein

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Welcome to the New School Year 2019!

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Must read of 2019

The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz
Where there is family, there is hope . . .
Vienna, 1939.
Nazi police seize Gustav Kleinmann, a Jewish upholsterer and his son, Fritz, and send the pair to Buchenwald in Germany. There began an unimaginable ordeal that saw the pair beaten, starved and forced to build the very concentration camp they were held in.
When Gustav was set to be transferred to Auschwitz, a certain death sentence, his son refused to leave his side. Throughout the horrors they witnessed and the suffering they endured, there was one constant that kept them alive: the love between father and son.
Based on Gustav's secret diary and meticulous archive research, this book tells their incredible story for the first time - a story of courage and survival unparalleled in the history of the Holocaust.
The Boy Who Followed His Father into Auschwitz is a reminder of both the best and the worst of humanity, the strength of family ties, and the power of the human spirit.
Picture and summary downloaded from https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/309768/the-boy-who-followed-his-father-into-auschwitz/9780241359198.html


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What's happening this month?



 1 Read Aloud Day
    Meg Cabot (1967)  Princess Diaries
 4 Sri Lanka Independence Day
    Rosa Parks (1913) Civil Rights
 5 Safer Internet Day
    Chinese new Year
 7 Laura Ingalis Wilder (1867) The little house on the prairie
 8  Jules Verne (1828 ) Around the world in 80 days
 9 Read in the bathtub Day
11  Jane Yolen (1939 ) Briar Rose
      International Day for Women and Girls in Science
12 Judy Blume (1938 ) Are you there God?
14 Book Lovers day 
     International Book giving Day
     Valentines Day
15  W. H. Auden (1907 ) Poet
16  World Whale Day
17  A.B. Paterson (Banjo) Waltzing Matilda
19  Nicolaus Copermicus (1473 ) Scientist, Mathematician, Astronomer
20 World day of Social Justice
21 International Mothers Language
22 Norman Lindsay (1879 ) The Magic Pudding
25 Cynthia Voigt (1942 ) Author
26 Gabrielle Lord (1946 ) Australian Writer
28 Robin Klein ( 1936 ) Writer

Quote of the week

Each man must work for himself, and unless he so works, no outside help can avail him. - Theodore Roosevelt
Nail, Hammer, Chisel, Gouge, Wood Work


benevolent - friendly; generous; helpful

Adventure, Height, Climbing, Mountain

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 Expectations from students

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All books will be looked after and returned promptly.
Be polite and courteous to fellow students and teachers.
Speak softly whilst inside the library.

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