"The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library"

Albert Einstein

Welcome to the library! 

Also known as The Mary MacKillop, RSJ Resource Centre

Open         Monday to Friday

Starts        7.30 am                                                                                                           

Closes       4 pm

Library help available: Monday & Thursday 2.45 pm.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 4.00pm

* Afternoon tea available after 2.30 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pinto is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mrs Guerra is available Wednesdays to Fridays.

Mrs Hodgson is available Monday to Fridays.

Book of the week

Book of the week

Between us / Clare Atkins.

Anahita, an Iranian asylum seeker, is only allowed out of detention to attend school. Jono’s Vietnamese single father, Kenny, tells Anahita to look out for his son, Jono whose life is spiraling out of control. Jono and Anahita strike up a friendship despite the barbed wire and cultural differences

between them. But Kenny becomes suspicious. Is this girl a genuine refugee or a queue jumper?

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Matching the perfect book to reader

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Book Heart The Heart Of Romantic Romance V

What's happening this month?


It's now winter. Time to curl up with a good book.

03 Mabo Native Title
05 World Environment Day
05 National Fossil Day
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06 D-Day Anniversary Day
08 World Oceans Day
11-17 International Men's Health Week
12 World Against Child Labour Day
17-23 Refugee Week
21 Winter solstice.
29 Red Nose Day

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Word of the week


Ascertain/determine from given facts, figures or information

BOSTE Glossary 18/06/2018

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Other pathways

Students      http://studentnet.parra.catholic.edu.au         


Fiction                    3 weeks
Non-fiction              2 weeks
Graphic novels        3 weeks
Picture books          3 weeks
Magazines              Overnight
DVDs                     Overnight
E-books                 3 weeks
Textbooks              For the year or the duration of the unit of study

 Expectations from students

All bags will be kept on the shelves just inside the front door.
No eating and drinking inside the library. Water is the exception.
All books will be looked after and returned promptly.
Be polite and courteous to fellow students and teachers.
Speak softly whilst inside the library.

Need further assistance? Come in or email Mrs Hodgson 

Contact details:
Telephone: 8886 9509
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