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 Gilroy Catholic College seeks to deepen students' faith in Jesus Christ through study, prayer, worship, sacramental life and service so that the College motto "Christ is my Light" is truly lived. The College acknowledges the role of parents as first and foremost educators of their children and the role of the pastors in the faith formation of students. Hence, links with the local parishes are vital in the life of the College.

The needs of individuals are catered for through a pastoral care system based on forgiveness, compassion, respect and tolerance.

A spirit of service and the practice of justice and charity are integral to activities available within school, parish and the local community.


 A sense of belonging is carefully nurtured at Gilroy Catholic College. Individual students experience care and friendship through the pastoral care and peer support systems and the day to day interaction with other students and staff.

The quality of relationships is based firmly in the Gospel belief of the uniqueness and dignity of each person. In this environment students are free to fully develop their potential and to experience the challenges of learning, growing and reaching out to others in a Christian community.

The College works closely with the Gilroy Catholic College Council. This organisation is dynamic, contributing much to the vision and direction of the College.

The College Council includes representatives from feeder parishes, parish pastors and College representatives, and came into existence prior to the opening of the College. Its very existence bears testimony to the rich contribution of parents and families to the climate of the College.

Furthermore, parental involvement in sporting clubs, performing arts, careers and employment, retreats and camps, and parental support workshops, adds a valuable community dimension to the College.

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