TBall Rules




Tee stand, 12” flexiball (soft cover), 4 bases and a bat.

Diamond 15 m between bases

Game is played over three innings



1. Batter hits ball off into fair territory, and runs as far as he/she can.

2. Ten players make a team, each player bats in each innings.  (There may be more than ten players but both teams must have an equal number).  Bat in order 1-10 and then 10-1 for the next innings.

3. Each batter has as many swings at the ball as is required to gain a hit.

4. Foul balls are when the ball is hit outside the field of play, or the ball does not advance beyond three metres.

5. Tagging is only allowed if you are standing on a base.

6. The batter is out when the ball is caught on the full, or when the ball is held securely by a fielder on a base to which a runner is advancing to.

7. All play ceases when the catcher places the ball on the T stand.  (This also applies when the last batter has hit the ball).

8. The runners may advance only ONE base on an overthrow.

9. Only two fielders are in the diamond when a batter hits.






1.  Only one runner is allowed on each base.

2.  When a runner passes another runner, the one who passes is out.

3.  Runners must touch all bases in correct order, even if awarded the bases.  That is 1st - 2nd - 3rd - then home plate.

4.  No base stealing is allowed.  The runners must stay in contact with their bases until the batter hits the ball off the tee.

5.  If a batter is caught out, all base-runners must return to their base occupied before the ball was hit.  If the fielders hold the ball on that base before the runner returns, the runner is out.

6.  Last Batter All on base try to run home. If the ball is caught on the full then all the batters are out because they cannot run home.