Nui Competitive Triathlon

Nui Competitive Individuals  Triathlon: Friday 11th March 2016

Dear Parents/Caregivers

                                      It is Triathlon season and Parkvale will be holding the above event this Friday 11th March on our Parkvale grounds.

This triathlon is a competitive event for individuals vying for the Parkvale Triathlon cup. This is a voluntary event for those students wishing to test themselves over a longer distance.

A fun participation type event for all Nui students run over shorter distances will be held at a later date.

Friday’s event  will also be a house event and students will need to wear appropriate house coloured t-shirts. This is not a mufti day and school uniforms must be worn to and from school.

An approximate  timetable is set out below.

Parents and caregivers are very welcome to come along and support their children.

Aprox time

Yr4  Bike 1 ½ laps, Swim 2 lengths, run 1 lap


Event are all individual

Yr 5 /6  Bike 2 laps, swim 4 lengths, run 1 ½ laps

10:00 am

Yr4 Boys

10: 15

Yr 4 Girls


Yr 5 Boys

11 -11:30

morning tea


Yr 5 Girls


Yr 6 Boys


Yr 6 Girls

Student gear list: Bicycle, Helmet, Shoes, towel togs, house colours, drink bottle.

Thankyou for your support. (You may use a school bike if wanted).

Stephen Ford  sports coordinator.