• I did some volunteer work this summer (or last year).  Can that count as my Senior Service?
If you had prior approval from an administrator or had written this into your previous year's proposal, it could count.  This experience must be well documented and easily provable.  See Mr. Freeman for approval.  What I have encouraged most students to do is continue to volunteer at that organization for a further 30 hours and report out on the whole experience.
  • Can an activity at school with a teacher as the mentor count as Senior Service?
Yes, but be sure you are approved before you assume this will count!
  • Can I do a job shadow, fundraiser, or other project as my Senior Service?
Although there may be very rare instances of a fundraiser or project with a heavier "service" component being approved, the focus is service.  This should be community service and volunteer experience.  If you can find an opportunity to do this experience in your career area of interest, you will probably find the experience more rewarding and satisfying. 

  • I have no idea where to begin on my project.  Any suggestions?
Yes, you can check the volunteer opportunities link above for some quick ideas.  The Willamette Week Give Guide has many opportunities for service.  Additionally, in the PHS library directly to the left of the main doors, you can find a file cabinet with loads of suggestions and ideas for service.