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Carol's Disney Research Project

Topics of study:     USE CAN USE THESE or parts of THESE AS KEYWORDS!

Mass Media
Phallic Images
Disney as a Business Model
Allusions/ References to other media/ movies
Purpose of Fairy Tales
Too Big to Fail
Marketing to Young Children

Print books on these topics from our Destiny Online Catalog.  *Think about your keywords/ search terms!

Gale Virtual Reference Library-- Databases and eBooks on these topics.  *Think about your search words!

Your MLA citations are done for you if you use Gale or World Book!
It's at the bottom of the article/ eBook under "Source Citation."

If you use the free web (like google), do an "advanced search" and limit your domain searching to only .edu sites, and .org sites for this assignment. 

To do an advanced search in Google:

1.) Go up to the upper right corner, where there's a symbol that looks like a gear.
2.) Click and select "advanced search."
3.) Type in your keywords in the first box.
4.) In the last box where it says: "search within a domain" type in: .edu.  This will pull up only education sites.
5.) Now repeat the process for .org sites.  Use .com sites LAST unless it looks like a great source.

*Don't forget to complete your MLA citation for a website.  Use Citation Maker here.  Choose "internet" and "website"

How do you know if it's a reputable source you can use for research?  Ask yourself the 5 W's:


If you can answer all of these questions than it's a good site to use.  Ask Mrs. Thomas for help if you need it!

Video clips about this topic:

Breaking Down a Fairy Tale  (Type in your first and last name to watch the video)
Gender Roles in Disney Films Part I
Gender Roles in Disney Films Part II
The Disney Effect
A History of Disney,  Part I
A History of Disney, Part II
Disney Institute: The Business Behind the Magic

Sample Sources: you can use these, please find additional sources!