School Improvement Plan

Park River Area Elementary (Kindergarten-Eight Grade) is a Schoolwide Title School.

Current Schoolwide Plan is located at this link:

Park River Area School District follows the AdvancED School Improvement model.

Schoolwide Title Plan is updated annually by June 1st.

AdvancEd External Visitation

On November 27-28th, 2018 a team of educators will visit our school to make observations based on our work on our two goals.

1) All students will graduate college and career ready.

2) Students will demonstrate productive behavior at all times.

2018-19 Climate Culture Survey Report
ND Student Engagement Survey Summary 2017

School Improvement Team:

Jana Gudmundson (School Improvement Chairperson)Brenda Nilson (Elem. Principal)Aaron Schramm (HS Principal)Rochelle Kovarik, Committee Chair (Library Media Specialist)Trisha Cole (PreK Instructor)Kristi Seim (Elem Music)Mary Martin (5th Grade Instructor)Jon Berg (Jr. High Math/STEM) Kierstin Hurtt, Committee Chair (HS English)Shannon Markusen (Title I Instructor)

Schoolwide Title Team:

Aaron Schramm (HS Principal)Brenda Nilson (Elem. Principal)Shannon Markusen (Title I Instructor)Patti Kouba (Title I Instructor/Counselor)Roger Moe (Title I Instructor/Phy. Ed.)Jana Gudmundson (Inst.Coach/Tech. Spec.)Lisa Krile (5th Grade)Kelly Larson (Speech/Lang. Path.)Kelli Johnson (1st Grade)Carly Anderson (2nd Grade)

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Lead Team:

Aaron Schramm (HS Principal)Brenda Nilson (Elem. Principal)Jana Gudmundson (Instr. Coach/Tech. Sp.)Kelli Johnson (1st Grade)Amanda Goll (HS SLD/Business)Katie Thompson (2nd Grade)Rochelle Kovarik (Library/Media Specialist)