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Professional Developement
ND Educational Academy SEED August 5-6, 2014   Bismarck, ND
ND LearnForward Conference, November 17-18 2014    Minot, ND 
National LearnForward Conference, December 6-9  2014     Nashville, TN

Leadership Team Members:
Brenda Nilson                  Principal                                                       @brenda_nilson
Jana Gudmundson          Inst./Tech. Coach, Senior Leader    @janagudmundson
Rochelle Kovarik              Library/Media Specialist                      @rochellekovarik
Trisha Cole                        PreK                                                          
Jaclyn Czymbor               Kindergarten                                   
Molly Syvertson              Kindergarten                                   
Alysha Coffman              Title I Instructor                              
Alyssa Tait                        1st Grade Instructor                       
Sarah Kastner                  2nd Grade Instructor                    
Kristi Seim                        3rd Grade Instructor                             
Brett Omdahl                  4th Grade Instructor                     
Mary Martin                     5th Grade Instructor                     
Rob Scherr                       6th Grade Instructor                     

Project Goals
  • Increase student achievement
  • Improve educators use of technology in order to individualize instruction.
  • Provide technology opportunities that promote collaboration and increase student engagement.
  • Strengthen digital citizenship, ethical online behavior, and media literacy.

Specific Milestones:

  • One of the MOVE 21 Initiative’s goals is aimed at teacher knowledge and use of technology.  As our needs survey indicated 56% of our staff feel they have proficient technology skills.  One important milestone will be when 75% of our staff indicate their technology skills are proficient or advanced.  

  • Sharing successes will be important in sustaining a project like MOVE 21.  Our plan has built that teachers will be asked to share accomplishments during technology club or staff meetings.  

  • The leadership team will make recommendations when determining 24/7 access to personal learning devices will be implemented for and at what grade levels.

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    Acknowledgement:  Barnesville Public School, Barnesville, MN, 1:1 iPad Initiative is called MOVE 21