Social Studies

Team Lightning students may have Mrs. Dewald or Mrs. Tallarida for social studies.   
Most social studies information, notes, quiz/test dates, etc. are the same for all Lightning students. 
The Social Studies content can be overwhelming.  Be sure to study your notes nightly.

Most Chapters also have a review on  If you search dewaldd, you will be able to find review questions for most quizzes and chapter tests for social studies.  Good Luck!

 Click the links below for a PDF of the notes,
activities, maps, and packet.

Chapter 1: 

 Chapter 2: 

 Chapter 3:  

 Mesopotamia Map & Rubric

 Chapter 4: 

Ancient Egypt Map and Rubric

 Chapter 5: 

Ancient India Map and Rubric

 Chapters 6 & 14: 

Chapters 6 & 14 Notes/Study Guide

 Chapter 7.1:  


 Chapter 16: 

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