If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.”

Maya Angelou (American poet)

How to contact Ms. Swoyer
Main Contact Email: swoyerd@parklandsd.org
Phone: 610-351-5900 ext. 74120
For google doc, slideshow, project, assignment, etc. sharing, be sure to email: swoyerd@parklandsd.net
(Do NOT use the (.net) email if you need an immediate response. This email is reserved for Google sharing.

What to do if you're absent:

1. Check your class calendar and weekly agenda.

2. Check to see what assignments and activities need to be made up and/or completed.

3. Locate the necessary handouts and materials on your class page link, StudySync, or Schoology as indicated.

4. When you complete the assignment, but sure to add the date you were absent and the word absent on the top. Be ready to submit it the day you return to class. If it is a digital assignment, but sure to submit it online with the word, absent.

5. When you return to class, check the class folder for any other handouts, class work, or notes taken the day you were absent.

6. If unsure, check with a classmate and/or study partner.

7. Contact Ms. Swoyer via email.

How to meet with Ms. Swoyer
If you wish to discuss a quiz, test, assignment, or grade, please schedule a time to meet with me.  It must be during one of my free periods, study hall, or before or after school.  Please send an email to me indicating your class level, class period, quiz, test, or grade you'd like to discuss, and what is your concern.  I will set up a time for us to meet and discuss your issue.  This same procedure is in place for viewing any tests or quizzes as the actual tests and scantrons do not leave the classroom.

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