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January 23
    -School Store updates
            -PLEASE SHOW UP!
            -Need people for MP4
    -Bulletin boards - students that have flex
    -Pretzel sale?  Sellers?
    -Second Harvest Food Bank - boxes, signs
    -Dance - February 2nd 7-9pm (flyers for HR)
    -Lip-Sync Battle!  March 15th @ 7pm
    -Next meeting:  Feb. 20th

November 28 - Holiday Meeting
    -School Store updates
        -Open Day 5 starting MP 3
        -Workers posted on sign-ups page to the left
        -If you are working - remember the importance of the spreadsheet
        -Boxes (7th and 8th grade)

November 7 - November Meeting
    -Great job with month of October! Pink week, fright day, dance, school store
    -Next event = DANCE/DODGEBALL - Nov. 17
        -Information - dodgeball tournament
    -Sign ups for ticket selling
    -School store
    -Do Good Contest - info on main page
    -Pictures of reps (grade level, whole group, and officers)

October 12 - PINK October meeting
  • Sign in sheets
  • T-shirt sizes (on sign in sheets)
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Pink Dance
    • YoFresh ($3)
    • Bracelets ($1)
    • Glow bracelets (2/$1)
    • Snacks and water
    • No organized sports - gym and aux gym will be open
    • Everyone must have ID
    • Tickets will be sold at the door
    • Wear pink!
  • Pink Week
    • Vote for teachers to die their hair pink
    • Bracelets ($1)
    • Wear pink on Friday
  • Fright Day
    • Vote for best teacher costume (Friday only)
  • Take flyers - Pink week, Fright Day
  • Website info
    • Lunch Sign-ups for Pink Week and Fright Day
  • Officer information
September 13 - Info meeting
  • Homeroom reps - needed for EVERY homeroom in all grades
  • Officers - 7th and 8th grade only
    • President: 8th grader only
    • Vice-President: 7th or 8th grader
    • 8th grade Secretary
    • 7th grade Secretary
  • Timeline for ELECTIONS
    • Sept. 19: Applications and speeches due; speeches are only for officer positions!
    • Sept 25:  Record speeches
    • Sept. 27: Video of speeches to school
    • Sept. 28: Voting
  • Perks for being on Student Council