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October 6 (Extra Meeting)
-Explain Pink Week
    *Pink Hair
-Explain Fright Day
-Lunch Sign Ups
-Pass out ALL Flyers for their HRs

October 15
-Review Student Council Responsibilities
-Student Council Contract***
-Introductions of Student Council Members
      *Team Building Activities (at 8:30)
-Discuss Power of Pink Week
       *Vote for Charity
-Discuss SMS Yearly School Events (Food Drives / Fundraisers / Etc.) 
-Sign Ups for Fundraisers @ Lunch
       *Pick a Theme for the NEXT Dance
*Dance ticket sales for 
       *Explain Tournament Sign Ups & Rules

       *Explain SC Responsibilities and Rules for selling at Lunch

November 5
-Hand out FREE Student Council T-shirts
-Dance Flyers & Tickets
-Movember Flyers & Tickets
-Sign ups for Lunch  (Dance & Movember)

November 18
-School Store
-Discuss Suggestion Form
-Winter Fundraiser Ideas
-Be An Angel
       *Be An Angel toy drive tags
       *Label boxes for your homeroom and decorate boxes

                          (Next year suggestion- transfer items from boxes to bags)
       *Be An Angel - November 18th to December 9th
             (Dec. 9th Our next CLUB day)
*Flyers and Hang Signs
December  (4th Extra Meeting)
-Drop off and Sort Angel boxes- ALL HR reps & officers

December 9th
-Dance Flyers
      *Check the website for your assigned day
      *Lunch Sign Ups (EVERY DAY 2)
-Be An Angel
      *Communication with HR / Update on number of toys
-Candy Cane Grams
      *Assign 1 Candy Cane HELPER per grade
      *Sign up 3 people per lunch
      *Volunteers to help sort during activity period
-Next Dances
      *2015 Feb & April

December (22nd Extra Meeting)
-Sort & Deliver All Candy Cane Grams to Homerooms
January 13th
    *Candy Cane Sales - (flavors, selling, sorting, & delivery)
    *School Store - (selling, items, increase sales)   
-Dance 2/5/2016
    *Vote on Theme
    *Vote on Items to Sell or Prizes
    *Update Sign Ups for Tickets (Write Passes)
-Valentine's Day Fundraiser
    *Homeroom Reps - Post Flyer & Make Announcement (Pick up 2-1) 
    *Discuss Items to Sell
    *Update Sign Ups Lunch Sales (Write Passes)

February 11th 
-Pros/Cons of Snowball Dance
-Valentine's Day Sale
      *Review Sign Ups / Remind about V-day Delivery Date
-Food Drive (Feb 16-26th)
       *Flyers & Boxes
-Discuss Game Night, Pasta for Pennies
February 12 (Extra Meeting) 
-Sort Valentine's Day Candies - Delivery Date 12th

March 14th 
-Pros/Cons of Valentine's Day Sales, Food Drive
    *Sign Ups to sell Tickets (Students who sell get in FREE)
    *Flyers & Announcements
    *Number buckets & 3-4 Student Sign up for Stand at Game Night)
-Pasta for Pennies
   *Hand out flyers, boxes, & explain HR announcement

   *March 29th - April 8th

April 4  
-YoFresh Fundraiser Starts this Month
  * Sign Ups
-Pasta for Pennies
   *Hand out flyers, boxes, & explain HR announcement

   *March 29th - April 8th

-Spirit Week April 4th-8th (Week before PSSAs)
-Student Council Members Homework: New Fundraisers & School Events
   ****Something to benefit the students at SMS****

-Dodgeball Tournament for the Last  Dance (April 15, 2016)
   *Sign Up to Sell Tickets
   *Cut Tickets & Number Tickets
   *Hand out Flyers

May 16th
-Pros & Cons of YoFresh Sale 
-Vote on ARP Prizes
-Make Teacher Appreciation Week Cards      (May 4th-8th) 
-Cooperative Games or T-Shirt Design
June 2th
-Reflect on Pros and Cons of Student Council  
   *Google Survey   
-End of the Year Party