7th-8th Grade Reheasals

The Orefield and Springhouse 7th-8th Grade Orchestras rehearse each Wednesday after school from 2:45 - 4:10 at Springhouse Middle School. 

There are combined sectional and full orchestra after school rehearsals  to prepare for the Holiday and Spring Concerts.  Please note when it is a sectional rehearsal you should only attend when your section has a rehearsal scheduled. 

                        Rehearsals  are as follows:

April 6th     7th Grade

April 13th   8th Grade

April 20th   Everyone

April 27th   Everyone

May 4th      Everyone

May 6th      Dress Rehearsal & Concert

OMS students will ride the after school Activity Bus to Springhouse for all after school rehearsals.

There is also an Activity Bus that leaves Springhouse at the end of all rehearsals at 4:20.  Students can either ride the Activity Bus home or be picked up by a parent. 

Please download the after school rehearsal contract and activity bus information memo's.
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