6th Grade Orefield & Springhouse Orchestras

The  6th Grade Orchestra Program at Orefield and Springhouse Middle Schools are separate programs that combine for District Wide Holiday and Spring Concerts.  Students will continue studying violin, viola, cello or bass and receive a weekly lesson in an assigned group  on a rotating schedule during 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th marking periods. 

During 2nd and 5th marking periods, Orchestra is an assigned class that meets every day during the same period for the entire marking period.  There are no weekly lessons during 2nd or 5th marking periods. 

PLEASE NOTE - During 2nd & 5th Marking Periods

Students in Orchestra only

Attend Orchestra every day

Students in Chorus/Orchestra

Orchestra – Days 1,3,5

 Chorus – Days 2,4,6 

Students in Band/Orchestra

Orchestra - Days 1,3,5

Band – Days 2,4,6

Students in Band/Chorus/Orchestra

Band- Days 1,2

Orchestra – Days 3,4

Chorus – Days 5,6

The opportunities provided at the middle school will include advanced technique and a more challenging level of orchestra music.  In addition to playing in the 6th Grade Orchestra, individual growth and achievement are encouraged through participation in Honors Orchestra, PMEA Festivals, and private lessons.