Mrs. Lisa Nyce 

Media Specialist


Mrs. Melissa Grim
Media Center Clerk
Mrs. Iris Epstein
Volunteer Coordinator
Media Center e-books

    You may be familiar with electronic books, also known as e-books, but did you know that we have many titles available for your child's use at home and school?  They are available via our school's library catalog and can be viewed on any electronic device with internet access.  In addition, the e-books have unlimited access, which means that multiple readers are able to use them simultaneously!


    The media center has its own Chromebook laptop cart, which means quicker, more reliable access to our online databases and the internet.  In addition, grades 3 through 5 will use the Chromebooks while  learning and practicing  keyboarding skills that they will use to complete many tasks that were formerly done with paper and pencil (such as creating research projects, preparing online bibiliographies and writing poetry for publication).

Makerspace Activities 

    In addition to completing the required elements of our district's media center curriculum, our students will participate in activities designed to allow them to create, analyze, build, problem solve, investigate, design, publish and collaborate.  They will also have opportunities to explore the basics of computer science by engaging in coding activities and programing simple robots specifically designed for use by children.

Media Center Grades 

    Parkland School District grading system is aligned with the common core standards.  All media center students receive report card grades in the 2nd and 4th marking periods.  Students in kindergarten through second grade receive an effort grade.  Third through fifth grade students receive both an effort and an achievement grade.  Their achievement is rated according to the  standards for our library curriculum. 


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